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How to Use Crowd Supply

You can use Crowd Supply at any stage in your project, whether you're looking for the right collaborators or ready to ship your product. Crowd Supply supports you before, during, and after your campaign.


It's never too early to start discussing your campaign. Here's how Crowd Supply can help before your campaign starts:

  • Provide early feedback and suggestions on your product and plan, backed by years of engineering and product experience.
  • Make introductions to potential manufacturers, suppliers, and collaborators through the Crowd Supply service providers directory.
  • Collect e-mail addresses on a "Coming Soon" page featuring the name and an image of your product.
  • Work with you to prepare a list of news outlets, reviewers, bloggers, and others that should be notified of your campaign as soon as it launches.


We will work with you to setup and run your Crowd Supply campaign. A successful campaign comes with many benefits, including:

  • Capital for executing your vision.
  • Market validation.
  • Building a strong base of supporters.
Find out more about launching your campaign.


Continue to capitalize on your success even after your campaign has ended by offering your product as a pre-order on Crowd Supply:

  • Pre-orders run from the time your campaign ends until you have fulfilled all the pledges made during your campaign.
  • Continued links to and interest in your campaign page won't go to waste and can represent a significant percentage of the total amount you raise.
  • Pre-order pricing and pledge level options can differ from those of the original campaign.

Retail Sales

Once you have your product manufactured and in-hand, Crowd Supply can continue to act as a sales channel:

  • Crowd Supply can either purchase inventory or take orders for drop shipping.
  • There is no exclusivity - you are free to sell the product elsewhere as well.
  • There is no set fee structure - pricing is negotiated.

Ready to Launch?

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