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Wireless file storage from anywhere


  • Paul W

    Jupiter, FL

  • Jonathan Y

    Oregon, WI

  • E F C

    Singapore, Singapore

  • Paul N

    Cambridge, MA

  • Justin B

    Granite Bay, CA

  • Matt A

    Boston, MA

  • Don W

    Astatula, FL

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    Hamburg, Germany



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    Richmond, KY

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    Maennedorf, Switzerland

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    Centreville, VA

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    Leichhardt, Australia

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    Firestone, CO

  • Jonathan R

    Colleyville, TX

  • Martin R

    Fremont, CA

  • Garry B

    Ejby, Denmark

  • John L

    St Cloud, MN

  • Paul A

    Montague, CA

  • eric l

    san marcos, CA

  • Harvey V

    Sunnyvale, CA

  • Matthew F

    Silver Spring, MD

  • Aaron L

    El Cerrito, CA

  • Andy M

    Elk Grove, CA

  • Michael P

    Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

  • Anastasios M

    Springfield Gardens, NY

  • Marian S

    Columbia, MD

  • David G

    Highland Park, IL

  • Felix H

    Kimitsu-shi, Japan

  • Larry J

    LAGUNA Beach, CA

  • N B

    Nedlands, Australia

  • Stephen K

    San Jose, CA

  • Zion A


  • Motohide O

    Yokohama, Japan

  • Mike S

    Independence, KY

  • Martin P


  • Jay R

    North Saanich, Canada

  • Torsten V

    Oberrieden, Switzerland

  • Tyler C

    Henrietta, NY

  • Russell S

    Chicago, IL

  • Daniel E

    Sherman Oaks, CA

  • Edward B

    Harrison, AR

  • Brett S

    Atlanta, GA

  • Carl A

    Broken Hill, Australia

  • Andrew P

    Cardiff, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Bruce S

    Whistler, Canada

  • Erik P

    Chicago, IL

  • Ansgar L

    Neustadt am Rübenberge, Germany

  • jason r

    austin, TX

  • Ed H

    London, United Kingdom

  • Ondřej Pokorný

    Prague, Czechia

  • Mehedi S

    San Jose, CA

  • Catherine M

    Bradbury, Australia

  • Ping C

    Sunnyside, NY

  • Samson C

    Taipei, Taiwan

  • Casey C

    Temple, TX

  • Goswin v

    Tübingen, Germany

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    Minnetonka, MN

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    Santa Clara, CA

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    Bromma, Sweden

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    Damstadt, Germany

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    Toronto, Canada

  • Adam R

    Scottsdale, AZ

  • Paul A

    Simbach am Inn, Germany

  • Sreepathi P

    Austin, TX

  • William L

    Phoenix, AZ

  • Richard S

    Johnston, RI

  • Luke M

    Shoreline, WA

  • David K

    Johns Creek, GA

  • PatrickCS M

    Sapulpa, OK

  • David P

    Baltimore, MD

  • Oliver K

    Saarbruecken, Germany

  • Rainer W

    Friedrichsdorf, Germany

  • Jeff I

    minneapolis, MN

  • Christopher Y

    South Lyon, MI

  • Kanoa W

    Kamuela, HI

  • Richard Lee H

    Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  • Gilles R

    TOULOUSE, France

  • Martin R

    Fremont, CA

  • Robert W

    Harvest, AL

  • HWR0

    Moscow, Russian Federation

  • Allen P

    Rye, NY

  • David A

    Levin, New Zealand

  • Justin Z

    Singapore, Singapore

  • Steven B

    Milwaukee, WI

  • Juan A

    Bogota, Colombia

  • William T

    Daphne, AL

  • Alex.N


  • Crowd Supply

    Portland, OR

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Product Choices


Maypole With Battery

Includes a 3.7 V, 370 mAh LiPo battery and charging circuitry that allow you to upload and download files while Maypole is unplugged


Maypole Without Battery

If you only need to transfer files while Maypole is connected to a host device, you can skip the battery to save on size, weight, and cost.


Maypole With Programmer (No Battery)

Help us add new features! One Maypole (without battery) connected by six pre-soldered wires to an FTDI programmer with a MiniUSB port. Comes with a male MiniUSB to male USB Type-A cable.



Electronics was just all about engineering at the beginning, but the hacker community turned this industry into an artistic creative fun thing. We, Vicharak, are particularly interested in developing various kinds of hardware which will eventually serve people and hackers. We have already launched our first campaign with Maypole and some more cool projects are in the pipeline too! We want to try every possible electronics segment which can be hackable and make it more easily hackable. Our main goal is to develop simple solutions with major features.

Akshar Vastarpara



PCB Fabrication

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