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All-in-one USB to isolated-UARTx2/CAN/USB/RS485/RS232 converter

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One Ollie interface module board, with custom enclosure.



One DB9 pluggable connector, for use with Ollie.


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"Ollie is not the first of it’s kind, there are several tools... which possesses similar features and are used for similar purposes... but all fall short in one way or the other when compared to Ollie."


Ollie is an isolated, multifunction interface module and USB-to-isolated-UARTx2/CAN/USB/RS485/RS232 converter. This versatile device combines our most commonly used interface modules into one safe, reliable, compact, and affordable package.

Need quick access to safe power? Ollie’s isolated power output requires you to set a voltage level before plugging in the host USB, which prevents accidental changes in voltage. All interfaces are ESD protected.

The main objective of this project is turning this mess of wires (left) into a neat and useful device (right)!

Ollie prioritizes safety through isolation, which will save your computer from damage if things go wrong when you’re interfacing with high voltage devices.

Ollie is the perfect tool for hackers and field engineers; a compact device to keep in your tool box whether you’re traveling, hacking your car, or just need quick access to power supply without worrying about damaging your laptop.

Features and Specifications:

  • Isolated UART:
    • Two isolated UART ports (UARTA and UARTB)
    • Data Rate up to 12 Mbps
    • 1.8/3.3/5 V voltage levels (set by slide switch)
  • Isolated CAN:
    • Based on CANable/CANtact open hardware
    • By default flashed with *dual firmware CANtact and Candlelight*, firmware is set by the DIP switch
    • Termination Resistor switch
    • ESD protection
  • Isolated Power Supply:
    • 1.8/3.3/5 V output voltage(set by slide switch). Output voltage can set only before USB is plugged in, to prevent accidental level change (hackable in firmware)
    • Current-limited with auto-restart (~100m V drop at max current)
      • 5 V @ 200 mA
      • 3.3 V @ 300 mA
      • 1.8 V @ 300 mA
    • Reverse voltage protection up to 10 V
    • Reverse current protection
    • Reverse polarity protection
  • Isolated downstream USB:
    • USB Type-A connector
    • Supports 1.5 Mbps (Low Speed) or 12 Mbps (Full Speed) USB devices
    • Current limited with auto-restart
    • Reverse current protection
    • ESD protection
  • Isolated RS485:
    • Bias and Termination resistors switches
    • Error-free transmission up to 500 kbps
    • ESD protection
  • Isolated RS232:
    • Typical data rate of 235 kbps
    • ESD protection
  • optional: CAN/RS232/RS485 DB9 pluggable connector

Configurable DB9 Adapter

Ollie also includes a configurable DB9 adapter which can be plugged in instead of the screw terminal. The function can be selected by moving all three DIP switches to the desired configuration. Also CAN OBD-II or CiA 303-1 function can be selected using the jumpers.

Custom Enclosure

Ollie comes with a custom protective enclosure, so you can feel safe using it in any situation.

Product Use-cases:

We designed Ollie as the perfect multi-tool for hackers and field engineers; to be a "Swiss Army knife" of interface modules. With that in mind, Ollie can be used in a wide range of situations, but here are some ideas of where we think it will be useful.

  • High-speed 1.8/3.3/5 V isolated UART
  • Power up your project from USB port safely
  • Auto Flash ESP32, Arduino, or similar
  • Isolate any USB (Full Speed/Low Speed) device
  • Isolated CAN to interface with vehicles
  • Communicate with any system that uses RS485/RS232


Ollie CANABLE PROμArtWaveshare USB TO RS232/485/TTLDFRobotMulti USB/RS232/RS485/TTLAdafruit USB Isolator
Isolation Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Isolated UART 2x UART No 1x UART 1x UART Non isolated No
Voltage level UART 1.8, 3.3, 5 V No Yes 3.3, 5 V No No
UART max data rate 12 Mbps No 3 Mbps 0.9216 Mbps 2 Mbps No
Isolated CAN Yes Yes No No No No
RS485 Yes No No Yes Non isolated No
RS232 Yes No No Yes Non isolated No
Isolated USB downstream Yes No No No No Yes
Isolated USB current 200 mA No No No No 100 mA
Isolated power out 1.8, 3.3, 5 V No No No Non isolated 5 V 5 V
Multifunction DB9 connector Yes No No No No No
Price (USD) $56* $60 $45 $21.99 $19.50 $34.95

* The Ollie campaign price is $56, the future retail price will be $66 USD.

Support & Documentation

  • Ollie Firmware and Hardware documentation is available on Github.
  • The schematic files are now available.

Ollie Pinout Diagram

Manufacturing Plan

PCBs will be manufactured by JLCPCB. I’ve also partnered with a factory in China that I often use for other projects, they will handle the assembly and testing.

I will focus on quality and consistency. Before every batch is shipped, I will receive samples to check the manufacturing quality. And each every unit will be fully tested before it leaves the factory.

We have set the estimated delivery date with the Chinese New Year in mind. We are also keeping an eye on the general situation around global shipments and any delays that may be caused by Covid-19.

Fulfillment & Logistics

Crowd Supply will handle the fulfillment and logistics. All orders will be shipping from their warehouse in Texas, in the US. See the Crowd Supply Guide for more information on their ordering and shipping policies.


Ali Slim

Ali makes hardware tools.

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