Mariner Growler Tote

by Apotheca Bay

The only way to get your craft beer from tap to table.

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You’ve just pedaled over to the bottle shop and filled your growler with your favorite local IPA. How do you get your brew back home safe and sound, cold and crisp? With your sense of style, you’re not about to strap a milk crate on the back of your bike.

Special campaign pricing! The Mariner Growler Tote will retail for $35

Instead, transport your beer from tap to table with the Mariner Growler Tote, a dependable essential that will never fall out of fashion.

The Mariner is lovingly crafted from the finest quality materials. Inspired by the Age of Sail, it features solid canvas construction, a convenient flip-top lid, antique brass hardware, accent stitching and snug insulation—the perfect solution for your cruise to the growler filling station.

Product Specifications

  • Durable 11 oz. canvas body
  • Snug neoprene liner insulates your beer
  • Brass hardware with antique finish
  • Adjustable cotton strap for comfort and portability
  • Top lid fastens to conveniently secure your growler


Shipping is free to the US and Canada. Any shipping charges will be reduced from your pledge after checkout. $35 retail price, back now and save! Growler not included.

In pursuit of the ultimate growler tote

A dependable essential

Manufacturing Plan

We have spent the past year finalizing our product specifications, materials and custom branding options. We work closely with a top textile manufacturer to guarantee the highest quality and ensure it meets our design specifications and standards. Now with the launch of the campaign, we are ready to go.

Once we reach our campaign goal, we will initiate a first production run and fine-tune details for custom branding. Shipment will take place once we are satisfied our customers will receive the best product possible. Our close relationship to our manufacturer will help facilitate smooth production, and working with Crowd Supply for distribution, we are confident you will receive the best experience possible.

Risks and Challenges

We’ve worked very hard to minimize any risk at this point for the production of the Mariner Growler Tote. We are incredibly satisfied with our samples, and confident our initial production run will reflect the high quality we set out to obtain. Because of our close relationship to our manufacturer, we will mitigate risk by monitoring production and completing quality checks at each stage.

Challenges we may encounter will be working with backers interested in custom branding. In this situation, we want to work one-on-one with these backers to make sure their logo or artwork format is correct and will fit best to the leather patch, with the end goal of producing the most attractive version of their brand.

About Apotheca Bay

At Apotheca Bay, we care deeply about good design and quality materials. We’re inspired by tradition and fueled by the growing craft beer movement.

Designer and homebrewer Michael Norton founded Apotheca Bay in 2013. Combining his design background and passion for brewing, his goal was to create premium, durable products for craft beer lovers. Michael’s interest in maritime history and traditional brewing lore continue to inspire the Apotheca Bay brand.


Apotheca Bay

Remarkable care for design and quality materials, inspired by tradition and fueled by the growing craft beer movement.

Michael Norton

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