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Like our Circuit Patterns trading cards, but don’t want to have to buy 130 kits to get the full set? You can have a full deck for just $17!

Each card has a schematic and short description of a common circuit pattern in electronics. Topics covered include digital, analog, and power electronics. There are 32 cards in total, all unique.

Blue cards are Digital, yellow cards are Analog, and green cards are Power.

The cards are printed on high quality card stock and are a pleasure to handle. Each card has a fetching looking Arachnid Labs logo on the back, and the deck comes in a custom printed tuck-box. If you want, you can shuffle them and make up a game of some sort - let us know if you do!

About Arachnid Labs

Arachnid Labs is a one-man operation based out of London, UK. The man behind the wheel is Nick Johnson, who you may know from his regular hack-a-day appearances for projects like iZac the Android Bartender, the stackable motor shield, the circular sand plotter and the advice machine.

My goal is to make interesting, functional, and high quality electronics stuff, both for my own enjoyment and that of other hobbyists. We’ll be releasing our first kits and products over the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out!


Arachnid Labs

Arachnid Labs is a one-man operation that makes interesting, functional, and high quality electronic stuff.

Nick Johnson

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