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The Re:load is a lightweight, affordable constant current dummy load for testing power supplies, high power LEDs, etc

Re:load 2 is a simple, robust, affordable constant current dummy load. It’s useful for testing power supplies, high power LEDs, doing electroplating, or any number of other tasks that require a constant current load. It’ll handle any voltage from 3.3 to 40 volts, sink up to 3 amps and dissipate up to 12 watts continuously at room temperature - or a lot more for short periods. It’s powered by the device under test, so you can simply connect it up and go.

Re:load 2 is virtually indestructible. As long as you don’t put more than 40 volts through it, you’ll have a hard time destroying it. It’ll handle over-temperature with aplomb, shutting itself down before it can do any damage. Reverse polarity doesn’t phase it either.

Key features

  • Operates from 3.3 to 40 volts, powered by the device under test.
  • Consumes from 0 to 3 amps, adjustable through a potentiometer.
  • Dissipates up to 12 watts at room temperature.
  • Virtually indestructible!
  • Test points for measuring the current being consumed with a voltmeter.
  • Optional external power mode allows you to use Re:load down to 0v.
  • Binding posts for banana jacks and loose wires or crocodile clips.
  • Configurable potentiometer direction allows you to mount the potentiometer on either side for flexible enclosure options.
  • Simple to build!

Re:load 2 is supplied partially assembled. Included is a PCB with all the surface mount parts pre-populated, a potentiometer, binding posts, the power transistor, a heatsink, an M3 screw and nut, and some thermal paste.

About Arachnid Labs

Arachnid Labs is a one-man operation based out of London, UK. The man behind the wheel is Nick Johnson, who you may know from his regular hack-a-day appearances for projects like iZac the Android Bartender, the stackable motor shield, the circular sand plotter and the advice machine.

My goal is to make interesting, functional, and high quality electronics stuff, both for my own enjoyment and that of other hobbyists. We’ll be releasing our first kits and products over the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out!

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Arachnid Labs

Arachnid Labs is a one-man operation that makes interesting, functional, and high quality electronic stuff.

Nick Johnson


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