The universal shield for using Raspberry Pi and Arduino together.

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The Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms each have their own specialties. Arduino gives you analog IO and the ability to use a massive amount of expansion shields right out of the box. Raspberry Pi allows you to process information at high speeds. But to use both platforms at the same time, so you can take advantage of their respective abilities, you need to do some cumbersome voltage conversion. ArduPiSHIELD takes care of that for you, in a convenient, powerful, super-flexible board.

Connection Compatibility

  • Arduino Uno R3
  • Raspberry Pi family
  • Arduino Micro R3
  • Arduino Nano V3
  • Intel Galileo
  • ATtiny85/45/25 microcontrollers
  • Direct breadboard connections (840 points)


  • Socket for OLED display (SSD1306)
  • RGB LED (WS2812B)
  • Silkscreened labels for Arduino and Raspberry Pi pins
  • Can be powered via breadboard (3.3 & 5 V)
  • ArduPiSHIELD can be placed directly on breadboard with instant access for Arduino and Raspberry Pi pins
  • On a breadboard, the connection possibilities are near limitless
  • Plug-and-play with other shields that are compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi connector
  • Bi-directional logic level converter between Arduino and Raspberry Pi to protect Raspberry Pi pins
  • Socket for an ESP8266 Wi-Fi module - to add Wi-Fi to Arduino / RPi boards that don’t already have it
    • Includes programming connector for ESP8266
    • Flash and reset switches for ESP8266
  • Status LED for each Arduino and Raspberry Pi pin, to help speed up debugging. This feature can also be disabled with a jumper.

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