A high-accuracy, affordable peristaltic pump

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What is QuantaPump?

The QuantaPump is a high-quality, high-accuracy, open-source peristaltic pump with an optical encoder and feedback control electronics, which allows for extremely precise and consistent volume control run to run.

More accurate and affordable

This accuracy allows it to be used for all sorts of projects, from hydroponics to aquariums, from mixology to coffee brewing. Measuring the accuracy of fluid dispensation over time lets QuantaPump achieve top quality results on these sorts of applications at a fraction of the price of lab-grade equipment. Most entry-level peristaltic pumps do not have integrated encoders, and thus require some form of calibrating for consistent performance.


One other advantage of QuantaPump is that it is “touchless,” meaning that the fluid being pumped only touches the tubing that carries it, never entering the pump itself - making the pump food-safe or sterile depending on the quality of tubing used. You can vary the pump’s flow rates by changing the diameter of the tubing connected to it: larger diameter tubing for faster flow or smaller diameter for highly accurate dosing.


Flow rate range with included tubing:

  • 1/16” ID: 10 - 20 mL/min
  • 1/8” ID: 40 - 80 mL/min
  • 3/16” ID: 90 - 130 mL/min

Max flow rate: 130 mL/min

Precision: +/- 3% by volume

Voltage: 12 V

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