A Handheld Projector for Large, Impromptu Displays

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GuerillaBeam is a powerful, rechargeable image projector. Designed for portability and handheld use, it will project what you want, anywhere you go, on the grid or off.

Thanks to 3D printing, GuerillaBeam is five to ten times lighter than other projectors of the same power and luminosity. It’s also versatile and low impact: GuerillaBeam reuses the lens from any SLR camera, as well as lenses from 35 mm projectors.

GuerillaBeam makes mobile projections easy and affordable. It is perfect for light artistry performances, as well as Guerilla-style events and demonstrations. You can also use it for family night with old slides. GuerillaBeam works best with photographic film, but can also project home-printed transparencies or other translucent material.

GuerillaBeam is a prime replicable product which can be made with any fabber, a.k.a., replicator. It’s also patent-free, with STL-Files and documentation available under CC BY-SA license. GuerillaBeam is free for anybody to 3D print, study, modify, and share.

The first Projector Kits will soon be available on Crowd Supply. Introductory price will be less than $101 (not including lens and batteries). Please subscribe for updates and stay tuned!

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