Chandler, AZ  ·   cpmaker.com

We remember what early personal computers were like, the style and shape of the systems and software, the immediacy and the close connection to the underlying hardware. They didn't do as much for us, but when we wanted to do something, there was a simple and direct way to do it. Simpler computer systems, in the style of the micro-computers of the late 70's and early 80's are a better platform for understanding and exploring fundamental topics of computer hardware and software. The hardware is right there and the software can be created and observed without distraction. Advances in electronics and manufacturing means we can make systems that are faster, with lower power consumption, at lower cost, for any level of capability. Today's computers have the same relative cost and power demands as earlier systems, but do more for, and require more from, the person using them. But we'd rather recapture the essential experience of personal computer use forty years ago, in new systems that can be cheaper, smaller, and more reliable. At CP/Maker, we're committed to making small, inexpensive systems that work well.

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