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Teardown Session 4: E-paper and smart watches with Wailun from Watchy

by Crowd Supply

In this episode of the Teardown Sessions, Crowd Supply’s Helen Leigh unboxes and assembles a Watchy while chatting with Wailun of SQFMI. Join them as they discuss smart watches, e-paper, DIY displays, PCB design and how he successfully raised $220,000+ by crowdfunding his open source hardware designs.

About Wailun

Wailun is the engineer behind Watchy, a beautiful, fully open source and customizable e-paper watch that raised over $220,000 on Crowd Supply. Join the conversation as we dive into their tech, and nerd out about e-paper and other "alternative" display technology We also look at some of the things the SQFMI team did beyond just engineering to make their first crowdfunded product such a success.

About Watchy

Watchy’s E-Ink display delivers an always-on, beautiful, crisp image clearly visible under bright sunlight, and requires no power between updates. Watchy has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE connectivity, allowing it to connect with internet APIs (e.g., weather, news, traffic, maps, Spotify, etc.), as well as Bluetooth LE enabled devices. Watchy uses the ESP32, so you can choose to customise it using Arduino, Micropython, ESP-IDF, or Zephyr-RTOS.

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Product Choices


Pixelblaze V3 Standard

From the Pixelblaze V3 project.

As featured in Teardown Session 10: LED blinkenlights wizard Ben Hencke talks Pixelblaze

The Pixelblaze V3 Standard comes with a solderable pin header and screw terminal



From the LUNA project.

As featured in Teardown Session 9: community building with Straithe from Great Scott Gadgets

A LUNA board in a beautiful, robust, CNC-milled, anodized-aluminum enclosure


Piunora Pro

From the Piunora project.

As featured in Teardown Session 7: product design and CE certification with Timonsku

A compact, feature-rich CM4 carrier board


MNT Reform

From the MNT Reform project.

As featured in Teardown session 6: Designing an open source laptop with Lukas F. Hartmann

A ready to go, open hardware MNT Reform laptop, Debian GNU/Linux 11 on SD card, and international power supply (110/230 V). Comes with QWERTY-US keyboard and Trackball module pre-installed. NOT INCLUDED: Wi-Fi Card or SSD.


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