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Recon Messenger Bag

The Recon Messenger Bag retails for $249. The sale price of $99 is valid for a limited time, through December 6, 2016.


A tough and stylish military-grade messenger bag

Search the field. Survey the terrain. Or, just take it to the corner coffee shop. The Recon Series from Chicago based Defy Bags is a suitable tool for any mission. They’re hand-crafting battle deployed M35 military canvas/vinyl truck tarps and mashing them up with 2” solid steel and brass, imported Austri Alpin Cobra quick release buckles used by U.S. Special Forces. Each tarp is lightly worn and proudly displays a patina that hints at the story of it’s past life. Drop it. Kick it. Or toss it from the cargo hold at 20,000 ft; Recon’s industrial strength stitching and artisan sewn craftsmanship can take it. Take a look inside and you’ll see ample room and a designated section for a 13” MacBook Pro. Stop looking…Recon’s here.


Product Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Vintage 24 oz. M35 military canvas/vinyl cargo truck tarp
  • TRIM: Bicycle inner tubes
  • STRAP: Detachable 2 inch auto seat belt strap
  • CLOSURE: 2 High Strength Austri Alpin quick release 2” Cobra buckles
  • HANDLE: 2” seatbelt strapping
  • SIZE: 15 wide x 12 tall X 2.5 deep
  • EXTRA: Pen and Business Card Holder

History of Defy Bags

Defy was founded in 2008 by Chicago art director Chris Tag. Compelled to leave the comforts of an established advertising career to build something truly unique, Chris set out to create a new American classic. At first Defy was a one man show with Chris designing bags till the early morning hours while still holding down his day job. Then one fateful morning on his commute to the city, he was approached by a stranger asking him where he got the bag he was carrying. A quick stop to the nearest ATM later, Chris sold his first bag. Call that moment a turning point.

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Defy Bags

“Defy or Die.” That’s not just a motto. It’s our mantra. Defy was founded in 2008 by Chicago art director Chris Tag.

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