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A high-resolution, Wi-Fi enabled, open source, portable data logger

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This package includes one OpenLogger, one micro USB cable, and one set of female terminated flywires.


OpenLogger with Screw Terminal Adapter

This package includes one OpenLogger, one micro USB cable, one set of female terminated flywires, and one Screw Terminal Adapter.


OpenLogger Deluxe Kit

This package includes one OpenLogger, one micro USB cable, one set of female terminated flywires, one Screw Terminal Adapter, one 8 GB microSD card, and one Project box


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OpenLogger is a portable, open source, low-cost, high-resolution data logger designed to provide high-quality measurements without requiring expensive software or writing software from scratch. If you are an engineer, scientist, or enthusiast who needs to collect data over a long period of time, but have been hindered by the restrictions of other data loggers, then OpenLogger is for you!

OpenLogger (top side)

Simultaneous Streaming and Logging

Most data loggers require users to choose between live data visualization while physically connected to a PC, or blindly logging to local storage. In addition to a microSD card for local storage, OpenLogger features both Wi-Fi and USB connectivity for live streaming. This enables users to stream data for real-time visualization via Wi-Fi or USB, log data to the SD card, or both at the same time. When a physical connection to a computer is impossible or risky, a wireless connection is a must.

OpenLogger (bottom side)

Features & Specifications

  • Analog Inputs
    • Eight channels
    • 16-bit resolution
    • 50 kHz analog bandwidth
    • Log up to 500 kS/sec to microSD card
    • Stream up to 200 kS/sec via USB
    • Stream up to 10 kS/sec via Wi-Fi
    • ±10 V input, protected up to 30 Vpp
  • Analog Output
    • One channel
    • 10-bit resolution
    • 1 MHz bandwidth (-3 dB)
    • 10 MS/s sampling rate
    • 3 Vpp
    • Sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, and DC outputs
  • Other I/O
    • 8 x digital I/O
    • Program button
    • Reset button
    • microSD card slot
    • micro USB connector
  • Power Supplies
    • Two channels
    • ±4 V, 50 mA per channel
  • Connectivity
    • The on-board 2 x 18 male pin header provides easy access to all I/O via female breadboard wires or the included flywires
    • The optional Screw Terminal Adapter turns header access into screw terminal access
  • WaveForms Live Software
    • Can be used with or without an Internet connection
    • Supported on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
    • Open source, free to use
  • On-board Logic
    • Microcontroller: Microchip PIC32MZ2064DAG169
    • Wi-Fi module: Microchip ATWINC1500
  • Powering Options
    • 5 V via the micro USB connection
    • 5.5 - 17 V from a power supply or external battery
    • Connect via the barrel jack or the two-pin power header

WaveForms Live

You shouldn’t need to pay for expensive software to use your data logger. That’s why we made WaveForms Live, an open source, free, browser-based application for manipulating and visualizing data from OpenLogger and other devices. OpenLogger streams data to WaveForms Live through Wi-Fi or USB. You can check it out right now at

Screenshot of WaveForms Live showing streaming data from OpenLogger

Why Wi-Fi? Electrical Isolation and Untethered Operation

Wi-Fi connectivity lets you remain electrically isolated from the device under test. It also lets you connect to a mobile platform, such as a car, where a cable connection is not an option. This combination of features makes OpenLogger a great choice for a wide range of applications. For example:

  • A mechanical engineer measuring the g-force on a mobile robot can take advantage of wireless connectivity and browser-based software to get up and running quickly, visualizing live data remotely.
  • An electrical engineer measuring the hot spots on a circuit board can place temperature probes in eight different places on the board and log data to an SD card for accurate measurements over time.
  • An electronics enthusiast at home can connect OpenLogger to a current probe and measure the power usage of each circuit in their house while keeping their PC electrically isolated from high currents and taking advantage of the embeddable nature of OpenLogger.

Screw Terminal Adapter

The optional Screw Terminal Adapter mounts securely on top of OpenLogger to provide screw terminal access to the analog inputs, analog output, power supplies, digital I/O, 5 V, and ground. The Screw Terminal Adapter also provides male pin access to trigger in and out, program and reset, and ground.

OpenLogger with Screw Terminal Adapter

OpenLogger main board (left) and screw terminal adapter (right)

Measure Everything

Since OpenLogger is a flexible logger that doesn’t require a tethered connection and can be connected to virtually any analog sensor, the possible applications are truly endless. For example:

  • Monitor the different electrical circuits in your house to check for unexpected power use
  • Measure and plot in real time the stress on various parts of a structure
  • Set up a health monitoring system with some electrodes, air pressure sensors, and tubing to monitor heart rate and respiration
  • Attach OpenLogger to a robot and stream data from sensors and motors while in motion
  • Monitor the temperature of various sections of a board inside an enclosure to test for hot spots
  • Monitor a fish tank for temperature, water quality, and water flow to ensure a healthy environment for your fish
  • Measure and plot the temperature change of various parts of your Thanksgiving turkey - you'll be able to see and analyze the different rates that the leg, breast, wing, and stuffing cook over time


OpenLogger LogomaticSensythingOpenDAQ
ManufacturerDigilent SparkFunProtoCentralOpenDAQ
Software ExperienceBrowser software or mobile application Serial communicationWi-Fi access point or Bluetooth applicationPython libraries
ConnectivityWi-Fi/USB USBBluetooth/USB/Wi-FiUSB
Analog Input Channels8 x single ended 8 x single ended (shared with digital I/O)4 x single ended/ 2 x differential8 x single ended or differential
Analog Sample Rate500 kS/sec Not specified2 kS/sec10 kS/sec
Analog Resolution16-bit Not specified24-bit14-bit
Input Range+-10 VNot specified+-2.5 V+-12 V
Digital I/O8 x digital I/O 8 x digital I/O (shared with analog)4 x digital I/O, 2 x I2C ports6 x digital I/O
Analog Outputs1 x channel NoNo1 x channel
Power Supplies2 x channel, +- 4 V NoNoNo
OpennessOpen source Open sourceOpen sourceOpen source firmware
Price$109 $59$95$226

Manufacturing Plan

To make sure we can fulfill our campaign promises, we are working with a manufacturer who has a long-standing record of providing us with quality hardware. Currently, we have received and validated finished prototypes, so all that’s left is to reach our campaign funding goal so we can hit start on manufacturing our limited run for our Crowd Supply backers. This campaign is all about helping us validate that real people actually want OpenLogger, and justify its continued development.

Shipping & Fulfillment

We’ll be using Crowd Supply’s fulfillment services, so everything will be shipping from Portland, Oregon. Most shipping and fulfillment questions are answered by this useful page about ordering, paying, and shipping.

We want to make sure that OpenLogger is available to everyone, but unfortunately shipping internationally from the US is expensive and complicated. Because of this, we must include an international shipping fee for backers outside the US.

Risks & Challenges

OpenLogger is a low-risk project. We have created a small batch of hardware prototypes and confirmed that the hardware performs as we expect. We’re using software that already works with an existing product and now just need to manufacture and stitch the pieces together. There are some inherent risks with Wi-Fi, such as the performance of some features depending on the network connection. There is also some risk in the timeline, as we’re pushing the PIC32 to perform aggressively.

OpenLogger prototypes

While we are confident that we can achieve all promised functionality, the firmware is still under development, so some features may be implemented after hardware is shipped. We have built a firmware upgrade system into the software, so all backers can update firmware on their hardware as soon as it’s available.

There are always risks in manufacturing and sourcing parts, but we have a track record that shows we can get it done. Any issues or delays will be communicated through backer updates.

Thanks for your support!

OpenLogger was first conceived by one of our engineers with a passion to push the boundaries of ADC and DAC technology with the PIC32MZ. While researching the technology, we realized that we had something special; there isn’t anything on the market quite like OpenLogger. With OpenLogger, our goal is to enable scientists, engineers, and enthusiasts to take on larger challenges and accelerate the pace of their discovery. Thanks for your help in making it happen!



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