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An open source, high-quality PDM-to-USB microphone based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 chip

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Mico is a high-quality PDM-to-USB audio microphone based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 chip. Most compact microphones available for embedded Linux systems like Raspberry Pi have high noise and low sensitivity. By pairing a good quality PDM microphone with standard USB audio output, Mico gives you an audio input platform that you can tweak to your needs.

Mico is an excellent platform for learning and experimenting with RP2040 and digital audio. It can be used as a general purpose USB microphone for your Raspberry Pi, Desktop, or Laptop. Mico could also work as a high quality USB audio input for Embedded Machine Learning applications. Also, since TinyML supports RP2040, Mico can function as a stand-alone edge computing audio device.

Mico Demo

Features & Specifications

Mico PCB Layout

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Open Source

You can find detailed information about Mico on our website. You can also find our code and design files on GitHub.

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In the Press

Tom's Hardware

"A Pi-based mic for your Raspberry Pi projects and then some."



"The great thing about the Pico platform is that its main controller chip, the RP2040, is available as a separate component."

Geeky Gadgets

"The Mico microphone is perfect for Raspberry Pi projects and unlike many micro phones available for Linux systems, the PDM mic can be “tweaked” to meet your needs exactly and easily connects to any mini PC using a USB connection."

About the Team

Electronut Labs

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Electronut Labs started as a blog on Electronics and Programming. After a long career in the software industry, Mahesh Venkitachalam wanted to return to his childhood interest in building electronic gadgets. The projects and articles in the blog gained in popularity, culminating in a book with elements of programming and hardware (Python Playground, No Starch Press).

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