Mug-O-Matic TinyCNC

The open source reconfigurable robot arms for STEM education and fun

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Make It Your Way!

The TinyCNC collection offers one-of-a-kind educational maker toys! This campaign will feature two distinct and well-documented kits - the Mug-O-Matic and the Desktop Sentry.


Mug-O-Matic is a 3-axis drawing robot that can customize coffee mugs! This capable little robot can draw anything you want via manual control, Bluetooth, calculated algorithms, or even G-code. So you can enjoy your custom mug creation, then wipe it clean. You could make it totally different every day for a year, and not make the same thing twice!

Desktop Sentry

Its little buddy, the Desktop Sentry, is a pan-tilt turret that guards your desk! Also controlled via joystick, Bluetooth, algorithms, or G-code, this device can automatically guard your space with a laser or a rubber band launcher, or be used for light writing.

Designed for Learning

The intent of this project is to produce fun and accessible educational tools. We want to encourage people to engage in tinkering and making things, because the creative process is a powerful way to learn.

To best serve that purpose, these robots are designed with hackable open source hardware and are controlled by free open source software. Building this bot offers an opportunity to experiment with 3D printing of software such as Processing, Repetier Host, Slic3r, and of course Arduino - the most common and universally applicable microcontroller for physical computing. Knowledge gained playing with this toy is transferable to many other real life applications!

The kits offered are self-sufficient and contain all the hardware & tools necessary. No soldering or bread-boarding is required; controls are plug-&-play. And like all projects, these items are well supported with online instructions & videos.

These are real tiny CNC tools in a fun size package that allow you to make your own custom creations! What will you make?

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