Coin-sized programmable multi-sensor node

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Spora is an open-source, programmable multi-sensor node, specifically designed for wearables but with endless opportunities.

Equipped with an accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, environmental temperature sensor and Bluetooth module to transmit collected data, Spora is fully functional and ready to use in any product stage.

It also includes an MCU to allow you program it for its very core to output the data you want in the format you need. Expand it to your own limits with our Expansion Board, or change its main components. Everything is possible with this versatile node.

Schematics, demo mobile app and .stl file to 3D-print a great case will be also available soon in our website.


  1. Push Button
  2. Bluetooth Module LBCA2HNZYZ-711
  3. Accelerometer MPU-9250
  4. Expansion Board Connector GPIO, SPI, I2C
  5. MCU MKL03Z32CAF4
  6. RGB Led Indicator
  1. Expansion Board Connector SWD, MCU & SWD_BT
  2. Battery Charger MCP7381
  3. Micro USB Connector For Battery Charger
  4. Autoswitching TPS2115a
  5. DC/DC TPS82740B


Spora is just half millimeter (0.019’’) larger than a dime, and thinner than 5 dimes piled-up. Its small size makes it ideal for everyday purposes.


One of the greatest advantages of Spora is its interchangeable components. Change its sensors, MCU or Bluetooth module to make it your own way.

The Expansion Board allows you to program and expand Spora’s capabilities to anything you want. From simple adjustments to completely new use cases, the sky is your limit.

The connectors are very standard (PIO, SPO, I2C, SWD) so you won’t have any trouble when connecting Spora to your computer.

Possible Applications

  • Motion Capture
  • Fitness
  • Healthcare
  • Virtual Reality
  • Extreme Sports
  • Internet of Things
  • Augmented Reality
  • Home Automation

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