##The Crowd Supply Guide: Campaign Content Checklist

Crowd Supply works with creators from anywhere in the world, but for everyone, the campaign process is the same. Here’s a comprehensive checklist of everything needed to launch your campaign on Crowd Supply after you have signed your Statement of Work. Your Crowd Supply campaign team will work with you to create and gather this information in your campaign’s repo, turn it into a private campaign page for your review, and refine the campaign page and collateral until it is ready for launch.

Obviously, in order to complete many of the tasks on this list, you’ll need to have some sort of prototype in hand.

For more information, guidelines, and tips on creating this content, visit the Campaign Content Basics page and the other Guide pages referenced there.


☐ Messaging

This is very important, so we’ve provided several GitHub Issues and other resources to help you. You’ll use your responses to these Issues to generate content for your campaign. To understand our approach to this, take a look at the "Write Your User" page. Specifically, the Issues will ask you:

  • What are the three most important things a potential backer should know about this project?
  • Tell us your backstory. Why did you undertake this project?
  • Who are your users and what problems does this project solve for them?

☐ Creator Profile

Used to build your Creator page. For detailed information about creating this content, visit the Campaign Content Basics page.

  • Name (Team, company, or individual creator). This will be used to create your Crowd Supply URL, as in https://www.crowdsupply.com/company-name/product-name.
  • Product Name. This will be used to create your campaign's URL, as in https://www.crowdsupply.com/company-name/product-name.
  • Location (city, state, country)
  • Logo image (high resolution PNG or JPG)
  • Short company description/bio (teaser)
  • Optional: personal URL, long description

☐ Team Members

For each team member, provide:

  • Name
  • Email
  • GitHub username
  • Location (city, state)
  • Profile image (e.g., headshot)
  • Optional: Role in project, Gravatar account.
  • Whether the member is "public" or “private” (visible on campaign page or not).

Pre-Launch Page

Once your basic messaging and profile info is in place, we’ll help you create a "Pre-launch Page" that will help generate interest in your campaign before it launches.

This page consists of:

☐ Title

A very short (36 characters max.) name and, optionally, description of your project. E.g., "Superoven 5000: A Smart Phone-Controlled Oven." The product name will be used to generate the URL for your campaign.

☐ Teaser

A brief (120 characters max.) description of your project for your project’s campaign tile. Most or all of this content should already be completed in the Messaging Milestone. For more information, see Campaign Content Basics page.

☐ Product Image

A good quality photo of your project or current prototype.

☐ Optional Items:

  • Google Analytics ID (used to generate metrics about traffic to your campaign page)
  • other images
  • other text
  • pre-launch video
  • project updates

Outreach & Planning

☐ PR/Marketing Plan

How you plan to promote your campaign and find your community. Include:

  • List of Media outlets that might cover your project and any contact you've already made
  • List of online and other communities you, your team, and/or the project are involved in (e.g., forums, mailing lists, etc.).
  • Launch-day supporters list: who can you contact right now to support the project?
  • Press release (optional)

For more information, tips, and ideas for marketing, visit the Marketing & PR page.

☐ Campaign Dates

Starting and ending dates during which the campaign will collect pledges from backers.

☐ Plan Campaign Updates

List of weekly or more frequent updates you’ll send out to your backers and followers. For more information, visit the Backer Communications page.



Provide a complete Bill of Materials and accounting of Cost of Goods Sold. This is a necessary prerequisite for determining premiums and pledge levels.

☐ Shipping and Fulfillment

For our fulfillment services, please provide the dimensions and weight of each product.

☐ Pledge Levels

  • List all of your premium and pledge levels. For more information about this content, visit the Campaign Content Basics page.
  • Reference images you want included here by filename.
  • For each pledge level, include:
    • name (e.g., Widget 3000)
    • image
    • delivery schedule (dates and batch sizes)
    • brief description
    • price
    • international shipping surcharge
    • quantity limits, if any

☐ Funding Goal

Based on your MOQ and COGS. Amount of USD$ you need to raise. For help coming up with this figure, visit the Setting Funding Goals page.

☐ Stretch Goals (if any)

Write Your Campaign Page

For tips and help with writing this content, visit the Campaign Content Basics page and the "Write Your User" page. Crowd Supply can also provide editorial support.

☐ Write Main Copy

  • Based on your answers to the Issues in the Messaging Milestone. Use the content you created there to write these sections:

    • Overview
    • Who Needs Your Product and Why?
    • Use Cases
    • Features and Specifications
  • Reference images you want included here by filename.

☐ Competitive Matrix

  • A table that compares the major features of your project with its competitors.
  • Include prices, dimensions, power requirements, etc.

☐ Manufacturing Plan

  • Describe your plan for manufacturing your project: vendors used, order of steps, etc.

☐ Delivery Schedule

  • Determine how many units of your product will be available to backers and the expected ship date.

☐ Fulfillment Schedule

  • Schedule of when and how you will fulfill orders.

☐ Risks and Challenges

  • Sources of potential problems that could impact schedules or the project itself.

Video & Other Collateral

Check out the Campaign Photography page for tips, advice and requirements for creating high quality campaign still and video imagery.

☐ Video

Videos can include live action, stills, and graphics. Avoid text. Provide the following:

  • Write an outline of your video and submit it for feedback
  • Based on the outline and feedback, make a first cut of your video
  • Filename or URL of your video. We prefer Vimeo.

☐ Still Images

Upload the following images the directory in your repo:

  • Video Still Filename of a captured image to be shown when your video is not playing.
  • Main Body Images Filenames of images to include in the main body of the page. Reference these images by filename on your campaign page and elsewhere.
  • Brand Logo Image Filename of the image to use to represent your team and brand. This image will automatically be included in the “team” section at the bottom of the campaign page.
  • Other Images Any other images you feel will help illustrate your project.

Make sure your images conform to our image requirements. If Crowd Supply is doing product photography, you will need to supply us with a prototype.

☐ Finalize Campaign Page

Using Markdown, add the video and images to your campaign page. Make sure you have all the tables, lists, and any other info that needs to go into this page.

☐ Launch Announcement

The first update to your campaign will be a launch announcement introducing your project.

Mid-campaign Updates

Plan on an update roughly every week your campaign is underway. There are also a handful of milestones for which updates are mandatory. For more help and advice for connecting with your backers, visit the Backer Communications page.

☐ Draft Weekly Updates

Use the list of updates made previously to generate your regular campaign updates.

☐ Social Media Posts

Make sure you keep backers engaged with frequent posts to social media. Visit the Guide page on Engaging Social Media for help and suggestions.

☐ Ending Soon Update

About three days before your campaign ends, post an update reminding people that there’s only limited time left to pledge.

☐ Transition to Post-campaign Sales

If your campaign successfully funded, then Crowd Supply is probably interested in purchasing your products and continuing to sell them. The next step is to agree to quantity, price, delivery date, and other terms of Crowd Supply’s initial purchase order.

☐ Prepare for Fund Transfer

Crowd Supply usually transfers funds to you via ACH. Visit the Guide to learn more about how and when funds are disbursed. To prepare in advance for an ACH transfer, we’ll need the following information:

  • Beneficiary Name
  • Beneficiary Address
  • Beneficiary Phone
  • Bank Name
  • Bank ABA/Routing Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Account Type (Checking or Savings)
  • Bank Address

Campaign Conclusion

Visit The Guide to learn more about what happens at the end of a campaign.

☐ Post-campaign Updates

Provide backers with regular updates on your manufacturing progress, shipping schedule, etc. In particular, you should have updates for:

  • Pre-production: let backers know when you're about to start production and what your timelines look like.
  • Pre-shipping: give backers a week's notice before you start shipping so they can ensure their info is correct.

☐ Update Shipping Dates

Revise your estimated shipping dates so backers have realistic expectations about when they’ll receive their rewards.

☐ Provide Tracking Info

Ensure Crowd Supply has tracking info for any packages you send to us or your backers.

☐ Transition to Sales

If you will be selling your project on Crowd Supply after your campaign, ensure you have calculated your wholesale prices and manufacturing quantities.

☐ List Project Providers

Let us know which providers you worked with (testers, manufacturers, suppliers, etc.) on your project.

☐ Exit Survey

After your campaign concludes, we’ll ask you to give us feedback on your experience by completing an Exit Survey.

Question not answered here? Contact us to see how we can help.

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