The Crowd Supply Guide: Quick Start Overview

We work with creators from all over the world on all sorts of worthwhile projects, but for all of them, the process is the same. This Overview will help you become familiar with the process of running a campaign on Crowd Supply, from the spark of an idea to shipping orders.

Are You Ready?

Is your project ready to launch?. If you think it is, send us your proposal. If we agree, we’ll set you up with an official Statement of Work (SoW) and a private GitHub repo pre-populated with documents and instructions for launching and running your campaign alongside your Crowd Supply team.

Prepare for Launch!

Once your project is accepted and your SoW signed, the first step is to determine your basic message to your backers. We’ll have you work through a few simple writing exercises and help you out with guidance and other resources like this blog post and this blog post.

Then, we’ll use this material to help you put up a pre-launch page which will build interest in the coming campaign, help to validate backer interest and your messaging, and collect email addresses and feedback from potential backers.

With this in place, it’s time to put together all the things you’ll need to launch your campaign. We’ll help you develop a manufacturing plan, set your funding goals, and come up with a marketing plan, including a strategy for communicating with your backers. We’ll also help you make a timeline for your project and help you figure out how you’ll fulfill your orders.

We’ll use all this info to help you build your campaign page and when it’s ready it will go live at the same URL as your pre-launch page. You’re off and running!

Build to a Big Finish

As the campaign runs, you’ll want to communicate frequently with your backers to build and maintain momentum. We’ll help you out with that by adding press mentions and other coverage to your page and featuring your project in our newsletter and on our site. But the best and most important thing you can do to generate interest and momentum is frequent, regular campaign updates.

If there’s a single factor that drives the success of a campaign, it’s campaign updates. They are the fuel that keeps the marketing engine running. They give CS, CS partners, journalists, everyone, really, a reason to discuss and share the campaign again. Remember, a potential backer might need to be exposed to your campaign four, five, even six times before they finally make the transition to an actual backer. Campaign updates are what allow those touch points and make that transition happen.

During the campaign, you’ll have access to aggregate information about your campaign’s progress. You’ll also get questions and comments from backers you’ll need to respond to in a timely way.

Bask in the Afterglow

As soon as your campaign’s goal is met, you’ll begin receiving your funds. You’ll be busy completing your manufacturing and fulfillment plans, but you’ll need to keep providing updates for your backers so they’ll know the status of the project. CS creators benefit from being able to "leave the packing peanuts to us" with Crowd Supply’s fulfillment services so they can focus on their project. Once manufacturing is complete, you simply send all the inventory to our fulfillment center and we’ll take care of the rest.

Once your goal is met and the campaign concludes, you can start accepting Pre-orders. After a campaign concludes, many creators continue to use Crowd Supply as a storefront for selling their projects by selling product directly to Crowd Supply. We can also help products get into broader distribution at places like Mouser and Digi-Key.

Finally, we’ll ask you to complete a short survey so we can know how we did and how we can improve.

Whether or not your campaign funded (most do), you’ve reached the end of a long road and, quite possibly, just started your journey as a creator!

Question not answered here? Contact us to see how we can help.

The Crowd Supply Guide: Table of Contents

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