There are three ways you can support our creators while getting yourself some cool stuff. Specifically, you can back a campaign, place a pre-order, or shop for in-stock items. So, what exactly is the difference between these?

  1. First, you can support an active campaign by becoming a backer. This means you are willing to help a creator bring their product to market. Backers choose projects that align with their values, their interests, and/or their community. In return, they receive the product first, usually at a significant discount.

    When enough pledges are received to meet the campaign’s funding objective, backers will be charged their pledge amounts. This can happen before the actual end date of a campaign. If a campaign does not meet its funding goal by its end date, backers WILL NOT be not charged.

  2. Next, You can place a pre-order for a product once a campaign reaches its end date, but before the product is in stock. Pre-orders are fulfilled right after the backers have gotten their product. Pre-orders are usually discounted, so they are a great way to get a good deal on something you’re interested in before it goes to regular, full retail pricing. Pre-orders are only available for a limited time, before the project becomes available as a regular, in-stock item.

  3. Lastly, you can shop for in-stock items on Crowd Supply just like at any other retail, e-commerce site. Many of our creators go on to sell their newly launched products on Crowd Supply using the same web page they used for their campaign.

Ordering, Paying, Shipping: The Details

How can I pay?

The easiest way to pay is with a credit card (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover). We can also accept Bitcoin, PayPal, personal checks, cash, Automated Clearing House transfers (ACH), and wire transfer (domestic and international). These forms of payment may incur additional service charges and fees, and they may require pre-payment. To use them, you’ll need to contact us at

When will my order ship?

Every product lists an estimated ship date on the campaign page. You will receive an email confirmation once the item has been shipped. In-stock items ship within one business day. For crowdfunding and pre-order items, the ship date is the best estimate given manufacturing lead times and how many people have already ordered the product ahead of you.

Crowd Supply works with product creators to make these estimates as accurate as possible, but there can sometimes be variation in the actual ship dates. Keep in mind these are new products being manufactured for the first time.

Where can orders be shipped?

All Crowd Supply campaigns and products ship free to US addresses. We will ship internationally anywhere legally allowed. International shipments are charged a flat fee that varies by product and destination. This fee is listed on the campaign page and automatically added to your cart during checkout.

What if I need to change my shipping address?

You can change it via your “My Account” page on our website (an account is created automatically when you place an order). Click the account icon in the upper right corner and select “My Account”. From there, choose the open order you want to change the address for, and then click the “Update Shipping Address” button.

Where do orders ship from?

All orders that are fulfilled by Crowd Supply will ship from our warehouse in Portland, OR, USA. A small handful of creators choose to do order fulfillment themselves. Those orders typically ship from where ever the manufacturer or creator is located. In practice, however, the vast majority of orders come from Portland.

Can I cancel my pledge or order?

You can cancel a pledge any time before a campaign reaches its funding goal. After a campaign ends, cancellations are left up to the discretion of the creator (although in practice, cancellations are usually accepted). In-stock orders and pre-orders can be cancelled if they haven’t shipped yet. For more information, please see our return and cancellation policy To initiate a cancellation or return, please contact us at and be sure to include your Order ID number.

What happens if a campaign does not meet its goal?

Your credit card will not be charged in any way. If you used an alternate form of payment, you will receive a refund.

Crowd Supply User’s Manual: Table of Contents

Backer Guide

Supporting Campaigns and Shopping at Crowd Supply

How are You Protected?

Proclamation of User Rights

Creator Guide

Intro & Overview

Quick Start

Before Your Campaign Starts

Campaign Content Basics

Campaign Content Checklist

How to Get Traffic to Your Campaign

Set Funding Goals

Marketing and PR

Create a Press Kit

Make a Project Video

Writing Style Guide

During Your Campaign

Communicate With Your Backers

Engage Social Media

Order Policies & Procedures

After Your Campaign Concludes

Fulfillment & Logistics

How Are Funds Received?

When are Funds Received?

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