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Our bras make you happy, because they feel great whatever you’re doing, leaving you with two less things to worry about.

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To our incredibly patient and supportive fans, friends and family—

We had every intention of beginning our local deliveries and mailing out packages today to fulfill your orders. But instead of loading up our trunks with Made in the USA Handful Bras, we learned that our Salem partner factory has been so hard at work perfecting the manufacturing process and training their workers to sew our bras that they have fallen behind schedule.

If you ordered a t-shirt or a tote bag, those items will ship this week.

If you ordered a Booya Black Handful Bra, it will ship to you on August 21st.

If you ordered a Freshly Squeezed Orange Handful Bra, it will ship by the end of August.

If you ordered a Gettin’ Lucky Green Handful Bra, it will ship in early September.

Those who ordered the Week of Handful will receive one shipment at the end of this month, and a second shipment will be sent when the rest of your color choices are complete. Each week, new colors will roll off the line until we have replaced all our existing colors with US-made inventory. We hope to have all the colors stocked by early October.

We are certain that the improvement in quality will be worth the wait. We know that because you believe that Made in USA matters, you will help us endure these growing pains as we make this epic changeover.

Jennifer, Tina, Jody & Cary

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hand-ful (noun) – A strong, confident, determined, active, compassionate, and/or adventurous woman. Sense of humor REQUIRED.

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Director of Survivor Relations

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Chief Financial Officer

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