WSJ Punk Rock Grrls

Two young girls turn the images of world leaders from the WSJ into Punk Rock stars in this epic Scout journal.

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Unbeknownst to their parents, two little girls upset the world power structure in their home. Every day or so, the girls would abscond their parent’s discarded Wall Street Journal, get their markers out, and diligently turn the photos of men into punk rock girls. Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet…no man of power was safe from the transformation bestowed by pink hair, hot red lips, and large eyelashes.

This scout book is a collection of WSJ Punk Rock Grrls drawings complied with the help of their parents. The collection is fascinating on two levels:

  1. Through art this nine and eleven year old have successfully altered the power of these figures.
  2. The girls altered the paper on an ongoing basis, it’s an interesting look back at a turbulent year of terrorism, refugees, and the Trump campaign.

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