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Steno-Flex is a unique, inexpensive stenotype, matching standard stenotype layout and key action. By using a flexible key with touch sensors, the Steno-Flex is able to simplify the design and mechanism of the stenotype, making the Steno-Flex lighter and less expensive than current stenotypes on the market.

Using modern materials and electronics the Steno-Flex, in combination with a computer, allows students and novices to develop stenogrphic techniques. Simply plug the USB cable into a computer, launch the open-source stenography software Plover, and you are ready to go. Online tutorials and guides are available.

The Steno-Flex is an effective device for people that want to learn stenography and develop real-time speech transcription. Stenographic techniques are evolving to become a standard solution for data entry, from simple keyboards to complex stenotype control.


Steno-Flex will come in two sizes, small and medium, with an optional wood case and standard key configuration. In order to reduce cost, a student version will be offered without the wood case.

Steno-Flex is manufactured in the USA.

Features & Specifications

Open Source Software

Steno-Flex works great with Plover, a desktop application that allows anyone to use stenography to write on their computer, up to speeds of 200WPM and beyond.

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In the Press

The Plover Blog

"Overall I'm quite impressed with the feel and uniqueness of this beautiful little machine...the components all seemed to be well seated and solidly constructed. "

About the Team

Keyset Systems

Niantic, CT

Inventor of the Steno-Flex

Seth Garlock

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