klax - It's more than an Ax

by Klecker Tools

KLAX: Its the perfect blend of utility, size and portability. It's got the guts to chop a log but breaks down to fit in your pocket.

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Our high-end stainless steel model with the most features. Made from heat treated SUS420J2 stainless steel which is perfectly balanced for keeping an edge and maintaining strength.


Titanium Lumberjack (Ti-Klax)

Titanium version of the KLAX – Lumberjack and comes with all the same features, but because it is made from more expensive Titanium, it weighs only half as much as the Feller and is stronger than steel. The Ti-4452813 titanium is also anodized to provide some eye catching highlights.


Handle Add-on

The KLAX® handle is crafted from hard wood to withstand the rigors of use in the field. This optional handle is just over 15 inches long and equipped with a built-in vertical slot to fit all the KLAX® models. Two opposing vertical clamp notches enable a secure connection and perfect fit every time.

KLAX Handle Product


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Klecker Knives is a collaboration between Glenn and Nathan Klecker, a father and son who love knives and especially love sharing that passion with adults and kids, particularly those who want to learn more about knives in safe and fun ways.

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