ESP8266-based module with a battery charger, user button, and RGB LED

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SmartWIFI is a wifi module development kit that helps you prototype your Wi-Fi/IOT products with just a few lines of Lua script.

Based on an ESP8266 chip with a module built over it, the board is affordable without compromising on features. By using the latest ESP-12F version of the 8266, the board delivers excellent performance at low cost.


Arduino-like Hardware IO: The board is based on open source firmware, NodeMCU, which is an advanced API for hardware IO. It dramatically reduces the redundant work of configuring and manipulating hardware. SmartWIFI allows you to write code like you would for Arduino, interactively with the Lua scripting language.

NodeJS Style Network API: The firmware provides an event-driven API for network applications, which facilitates developers writing code running this tiny little board in NodeJS style. SmartWiFi will greatly speed up your wifi / IOT application developing process.

Low Cost WIFI Development Tool: SmartWIFI is a great and inexpensive tool for prototyping. SmartWiFI makes your life easy with a breadboard-friendly form factor.

All Supporting Sections Included: The development kit has an onboard USB to serial converter, a LiPo battery charger and a RGB LED with one IO button for quick prototyping and usability.

Reprogrammability: The IO button on the kit also functions as a re-flashing button for the wifi module. This means you can re-flash the module with the latest firmware, such as NodeMCU firmware or standard AT command set firmware.

Multiple uses: SmartWIFI give you the functionality of three tools in one. Not only can you use it for wifi development, you can also use it as a simple USB-to-serial converter and as a stand-alone LiPo battery charger.

Use directly in your application: This board has been carefully designed with the end user application in mind; it is ready to use, right out of the box.

Exact dimensions of the SmartWIFI module.

Technical specifications:

Top View of a SmartWiFi module.

Package Includes: One assembled and tested development board + baseboard headers.

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Produced by KNEWRON in Pune, India.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

SmartWIFI Module

One fully assembled & tested development board. This product is end of life, will not be restocked, is offered as-is, and is not eligible to be returned.

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