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Logistics and Fulfillment Services

Once your campaign has successfully met its funding goal, you will need to start dealing with the logistics of actually delivering your product. Choosing Crowd Supply's comprehensive logistics and fulfillment services will help you deliver your product on time and within budget.

Crowd Supply will:

  • gather order details, like quantity, size, and color
  • collect and verify your backers' shipping addresses
  • provide packing materials, box, tape, and address label
  • break bulk and pack each customer's shipment
  • inventory and store your products in a warehouse
  • ship via USPS or via UPS at a discounted negotiated rate
  • provide you and your backers with tracking numbers
  • accept and process returns

International Shipping

You have the option to enable shipping a product to international destinations by specifying a flat international shipping surcharge for the product. This surcharge will be added to any order shipped outside the United States.

Fulfillment Fees

  • Freight is the cost paid to the carrier (usually either UPS or USPS) for actually transporting and delivering the package. This cost is passed directly to you without markup. For example, in the case of shipping via UPS, you will benefit from the volume discount rate Crowd Supply has negotiated with UPS. In the case of USPS, the exact cost of postage is passed on to you.
  • International handling is a $1 fee added to each package shipped to an address outside the US. This fee covers the cost of dealing with customs, validating non-US addresses, and the additional customer service international orders entail.
  • Packaging and handling is a fee that covers the box, packing materials, tape, address label, storage space, and manual labor involved in preparing your products to ship. Our standard rates are:
Package Type Dimensions Weight # of SKUs Fee/Package
Envelope/Mailer 20"x14" or smaller 1lb or less 5 or less $2.75
Small Box 8"x8"x8" or smaller 5lbs or less 5 or less $3.25
Medium Box 12"x12"x12" or smaller 8lbs or less 5 or less $3.75
Large Box 20"x20"x20" or smaller 12lbs or less 5 or less $4.75
Everything Else quote available upon request

The Fine Print

Shipping policy represented to customers placing an order on Crowd Supply

Crowd Supply Warehouse and Fulfillment Services Agreement

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