#Crowd Supply and MacroFab Team Up to Bring Agile Manufacturing to Hardware Startups and Engineers#

###MacroFab’s Cloud-Based Electronics Manufacturing Experience Offers Transparency, Compliance and Complete Control to Creators at Any Scale###

PORTLAND, OR — May 18, 2015 — Crowd Supply has partnered with MacroFab, a cloud-based platform for rapid-turnaround PCB assembly, to give product creators and engineers complete control over their electronics manufacturing from the design stage to final assembly. The partnership gives Crowd Supply creators an effortless, low-risk way to create high-quality prototypes and production units at any scale.

Electronics manufacturing can be a convoluted process that requires an initial RFP, followed by a disjointed process of back and forth communications to correct mistakes and adjust specifications. MacroFab eliminates the guessing game from the manufacturing and assembly process with an interactive, real-time control panel. The customer simply uploads design files, and MacroFab instantly returns a price quote and time to delivery. Adjustments are made interactively before confirming the final order, and MacroFab sends real-time updates on the process, every step along the way.

Arachnid Labs used MacroFab to manufacture the Tsunami, a signal generator built on the Arduino platform: “We identified a critical, last-minute design improvement for the Tsunami just before our circuit boards went off for production,” said Nick Johnson, founder of Arachnid Labs. “Thanks to MacroFab’s real-time interface, we were able to avoid paying for a large run of botched units and make last-minute adjustments without delaying our delivery time. We plan to use them for all of our manufacturing and PCB assembly moving forward.”

“We’ve introduced the usability of a well-designed cloud service to the complex process of manufacturing,” said Chris Church, founder and CEO of MacroFab. “Whether it’s 10 or a 1000 units, we want to give hardware startups a better way to manufacture products, save time, and bring transparency and control to the entire process.”

“Building a hardware startup can be very high-risk due to the costs and iterations associated with electronics manufacturing,” said Joshua Lifton, co-founder of Crowd Supply. “In order for the hardware industry to reach its full potential here in the United States, the manufacturing industry needs to evolve. MacroFab has raised the bar for manufacturing in quality, turnaround, usability, and cost. They’re a critical component of the emerging ecosystem for new hardware.”

MacroFab also offers hardware startups affordable, high-quality prototypes and has an API for easily integrating existing design and development applications with the MacroFab service. To learn more about MacroFab and experience its interface first hand, visit www.macrofab.net. To learn more about Crowd Supply, visit www.crowdsupply.com.

About Crowd Supply

Crowd Supply is a full-service product development and crowdfunding platform for the most innovative new products, hardware, and artisan goods. With a perfect record for product delivery and the highest campaign success rate of any fundraising platform, Crowd Supply ensures the satisfaction of backers by giving creators the resources, know-how, and network required to deliver the highest quality finished products in a reasonable time frame. Crowd Supply is backed by the Portland Seed Fund, SOSVentures, Inspiration Ventures, Seven Peaks Ventures, and a consortium of angels. It was founded in 2012 by a team of hardware engineers, designers and entrepreneurs and is based in Portland, OR. For more information, visit www.crowdsupply.com.

About MacroFab

MacroFab is a cloud-enabled electronics manufacturing platform designed to make it easier, faster, and less expensive to get new electronics manufactured while providing complete transparency in the process. MacroFab’s technology takes information directly from the customer, via a modern easy-to-use web interface or via REST APIs, to the manufacturing floor reducing the up-front cost and complexity of getting manufacturing jobs running. All assembly is performed on MacroFab’s manufacturing line in Houston, TX. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs and electronics engineers in 2013, MacroFab is angel funded and based in Houston, TX. For more information, visit www.macrofab.com.

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