Neosegment Digit

Neosegment Digit is a modern take on the seven-segment display.

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Neosegment Digit is a modular, open source RGB Seven Segment Display that simplifies displaying numeric information. Capable of showing digits and other symbols in any color without additional circuitry, it is a big upgrade from regular seven segment displays. Makers of all skill levels can use Neosegment in their project without soldering.

Neosegment communicates with microprocessors via a single data pin, is compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, ESP32 and other architectures. Makers can chain any number of Neosegments together to create compelling and highly visible displays.

Examples of use cases where Neosegment can excel:

Who Needs It and Why?

Arduino enthusiasts, Raspberry Pi enthusiasts that are interested in IoT signage can use Neosegments to create displays that instantly show numbers from the internet or other data source. Because each segment of Neosegment is addressable and can take on any color, complex animations and visual effects become a possibility!

Features & Specifications


Nothing on the market comes close to what Neosegment offers. Check out the table below to know why:

Addressable segmentsColorsMounting methodOpen SourcePrice
Neosegment Digit Yes Any color 2 screws, no PCB required Yes $12
Regular 7 Segment DisplayNo One color Custom PCB required No $2-$5
Regular RGB 7 Segment DisplayNo Any color Custom PCB required No $15
RGBDigitYesAny colorCustom PCB required No $10

Manufacturing Plan

I’ve spent a lot of time designing Neosegment platform in a way that minimizes the risks for the initial backers.

Initially the shell and the insert of the Neosegment Digits will be 3D printed and that is what the backers of this campaign will get. This way I am in full control of the production and can confidently ship a few hundred units within 6 weeks after the campaign closes.

The circuit board will be professionaly assembled by a PCBA service.

Risks & Challenges

The biggest risk is that PCBs would not be assembled in time by the PCB fab. My backup plan is to solder the LEDs myself if that is the case. I have access to reflow ovens and have stencils ready to be used. Printing plastic parts is well thought out and there are many backup options if anything goes wrong with my 3D printer.

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Produced by MaksMakes in Seattle, WA.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Neosegment Digit - Quintuple

Five modules of Neosegment Digit, capable of displaying up to TEN numbers in RGB color spectrum. Top cover is made with 3D printed PLA plastic. An adapter for easy connection to a breadboard will be included.

$65 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team


Seattle, WA  ·  maxoffsky.com/about

Maks is a design-savvy full stack engineer turned design technologist who excels at working within multidisciplinary teams. The work that Maks especially enjoys involves concept development, prototyping (digital and/or physical), user research, and making tools for generative art (check out #plottertwitter).

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