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Apr 25, 2019

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Featured Participants

Take a look at the current (and upcoming) participants in the Microchip Get Launched 2019 competition! These campaigns demonstrate the broad range of projects that Microchip components can support.

Nixie Tap

This minimalist Wi-Fi clock uses four beautiful IN-12B socketed Nixie Tubes driven by an on-board Microchip HV5812WG-G vacuum fluorescent display driver. This live campaign is ending soon!


StereoPi invites you to enter the world of stereoscopic video with their open source camera based on Raspberry Pi. It wouldn’t be possible without help from the LAN9513 Microchip USB Interface IC.


The super fast display library that accompanies the Tinusaur OLED Display Kit would not be as smooth without the backing of the ATtiny85 microcontroller. In fact, the whole Tinusaur platform is focused on Microchip’s microcontrollers!

Coming Soon

Giant Board, Programable USB Hub, Robo HAT MM1 and more…

Does your project showcase Microchip components? If so, you could be eligible to enter the Microchip Get Launched 2019 electronics design competition! Microchip makes great electronic components and we’re looking for equally great examples of how they’re enabling new, innovative products in the real world.

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