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Mar 17, 2023

Update 11 of 12

BeanCounter Livestream & Giveaway

Join us for today’s video livestream with BeanCounter creator Nick Poole. BeanCounter is a simple, battery-powered, pocket-sized, open-source parts counter for 8-mm cut tape and partial reels. At its heart, BeanCounter uses a Microchip ATTINY861V-10MU microcontroller.

Watch the livestream starting at noon PDT for a chance to win a free BeanCounter!

Congrats to Newly Funded Projects

Help us congratulate the latest Microchip Get Launched projects to get funded: Pocket Integrator and Espoir. Pocket Integrator features a Microchip ATSAM4S8BB microprocessor and Espoir features the KSZ8091RNAIA. Subscribe to Microchip Get Launched to be notified of when they are in stock.

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