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Jul 31, 2020

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July 2020 Featured Participants

Check out this update for news about a new SoC that combines RISC-V, FPGA, and Linux into one formidable dev board, a tiny Arduino clone for breadboards, and a platform designed for embedding SDR in IoT.

Now Funding: PolarFire SoC Icicle Kit

RISC-V and FPGA united at last! The Icicle Kit is the first development board for the groundbreaking PolarFire SoC, the world’s first FPGA and Linux-capable RISC-V system in a single chip. The unique architecture of the PolarFire SoC combines the power of RISC-V and Linux with the determinism needed for real-time hardware applications. The Icicle Kit is the best way to get started with the PolarFire SoC. Support this live campaign today.

Coming Soon: DipDuino

Free up precious real estate on your breadboard with this tiny Arduino clone that is PC/Mac/Linux programmable. With the the Atmega328P (8MHz/3.3v) as it’s main IC, the DipDuino saves you space and time for more projects! Learn more about DipDuino and subscribe for a launch alert today.

Coming Soon: iotSDR

If you’re interested in embedding SDR in IoT, this project is for you. The iotSDR provides a platform that allows SDR developers and enthusiasts to develop cutting-edge solutions in the IoT radio and network domains. Using two Microchip AT86RF215 frontends that are capable of providing I/Q streams and modem functionality, it is also a great place to start if you want to build a custom IoT gateway. Learn more about iotSDR and subscribe for a launch alert today.

Does your project showcase Microchip components? If so, you could be eligible to enter the Microchip Get Launched electronics design program! Microchip makes great electronic components and we’re looking for equally great examples of how they’re enabling new, innovative products in the real world.

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