Roland TR-909 Digital Mods

by The Modlin Beat

Keep your vintage 909 screaming for another 30 years.

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Sep 09 2017

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This mod replaces the original battery-backed RAM for user storage with a modern, non-volatile RAM system. The module contains a memory chip with 4x the capacity of the original RAM chip and the module has all of the glue logic that adapts the 909s RAM interface to the modern chip. Includes RAM chip, 3-pin cable with dual connectors, 4-way rotary switch w/ diodes and connector, and installation instructions.



This mod replaces the EPROM that contains the OS with a modern, more robust memory chip. This chip has 4x the capacity of the original EPROM and can hold four different versions of the OS, selectable with a miniature DIP switch. Comes pre-loaded with all four versions of the original OS - we don't currently have V2 and V3, but expect to by the time this mod ships. Installation instructions included.


MIDI Driver Mod

This mod is a low profile module that can be added at the MIDI ports without any modification to the main switch board. It provides individual drivers for each MIDI port. Installation instructions included.


LED Display mod

This is a replacement 3-digit LED display module. It can be used to upgrade your color scheme or to replace your existing module if one or more of the segments is no longer functioning. Available in red, green, blue, yellow, and orange. Installation instructions included.


Mr. K Tribute LED Mod

A complete set of “Roland orange” LEDs, including 17 rectangular LEDs for the push button switches, 14 LEDs that go inside the toggle switches, 4 LEDs for the scale selection, and a 3-digit LED display module.


Digital Mod Pack

RAM Mod + OS ROM Mod + MIDI Driver Mod


Synth Tech Shop Pack

5 x RAM Mod + 5 x OS ROM Mod + 5 x MIDI Driver Mod + 5 x LED Display Mod


The Modlin Beat

The Modlin Beat creates DIY installable modules to enhance vintage synthesizers and drum machines.

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