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DIY (Connectors Only, 2-12-packs)


DIY (Connectors Only, 30-102-packs)


Modos is a modular furniture system that uses connectors and boards to make desks, shelves, standing desks and stools.

How it works

The Connectors - After extensive research and numerous iterations, we have simplified the hardware down to 3 extruded aluminum profiles. The extrusions are cut into 1” sections, surface finished, and clear anodized (with the possibility of colors).

The Boards - We use sustainably harvested, FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) furniture grade plywood, laminated with formaldehyde free glue, made by Columbia Forest Products. The plywood is pre-finished with maple. The boards are made from 15 layers of wood, totaling ¾” thick, making them extremely strong and durable.

The Geometry - We designed the connectors to friction fit with the boards. By inserting a ¾” board into the connector, the aluminum is forced to flex and compress on the neighboring board, further increasing the friction. The properties of the hexagon forms reinforce each other, creating inherently strong structures.

The Benefits

Tool Free - No more missing allen wrenches and strained relationships. Furniture assembly is hassle free with our easy to use hardware connectors. Simply snug the connectors and boards together

Made to Change - Whether you’re moving to a new place or think your shelf might be better suited as a coffee table, we’ve got you covered. Our furniture is easily reconfigurable to whatever suits your needs. Get creative.

High Durability - The solid birch and alder veneer cores result in superior strength and high structural integrity. Similarly, the anodized aluminum connectors allow for constant assembly and disassembly.

Eco-Friendly - All our wood is sustainably sourced and FSC-Certified to minimize environmental impact. In addition, straight rectilinear forms keep our waste very low, typically less than 5% (mostly sawdust). The flat pack nature of Modos makes shipping incredibly effective. At the end of the life of the product the wood components can be industrially composted and the connectors can simply be recycled with your municipal recycling service.

DIY Kits

DIY 12-pack connector configuration {modos-diy-bed}

DIY 30-pack connectors bed configuration


Desk Stand


Glass Desk


Item H W D
Y-stool 17.5” 12.25” 11”
Desk Stand 12.5” to 16.5” 19” 20”
Shelf 52” 58” 11”
Glass Desk 30” 60” 30”

Our Story

Andrew and Matt may be one of the few successful relationships that started from a craigslist ad. Unsatisfied with living the freelancer life, Matt responded to a craigslist job posting that Andrew had put up, “You love design more than your pet. Your computer is your left hand. You dream of owning your own design firm. You are willing to commit at least 20 hrs per week to assisting in the celebration of life.” Thus, a great partnership, and friendship was born. Together Matt and Andrew have over 20 years of design and build experience, 10 of those being in the interiors and furniture industry. Past projects have ranged from anything between founding a conference focused on green design, to building a restaurant interior entirely out of reclaimed materials. All the while, they have stuck to a simple principle - to have a positive effect on the environment and society.

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Modos: Make Furniture

A tool-free, reconfigurable furniture system.

Matt Tyson

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