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Jun 12, 2015

Modos Manufacturing Update

Dear Modos Backers,

This email is very difficult to write, but we do so in the spirit of transparency and honesty. We intend for you to have all the information about what’s happening with Modos, and how we are we are resolutely determined to overcome these temporary circumstances.

What it comes down to is our American manufacturer failed to produce our parts. They tried three separate extrusion runs with each of our 3 die shapes, and they just couldn’t get the quality under control.

failed extrusions

We really wanted to produce in the United States, but everything we are being told (now) is that with extrusions, it is just not possible to get the quality we require in the States.

So, what we are doing about this?

At this point we’re canceling the contract. The extruder agreed to refund all of our money. We have already started interviewing overseas manufactures.

In some ways it feels like we’re back to square one. At the same time from this experience we have refined our knowledge of what level of extrusion technology it takes to produce these pieces. We can use this knowledge to make the next step happen without a hitch.

We are also a step ahead with overseas manufacturing. We have past prototypes from a Taiwan manufacturer that were on spec the first try. Also, we have two other manufacturers with whom we are already in discussion.

approved extrusion

Overseas manufacturing will have its own challenges. We may need to order more connectors than what we do not currently have orders for and importing has its own set of requirements that we will work through.

We will be highlighting these challenges with each of the vendors that we are reviewing. We will keep you up-to-date on the status for reviewing and contracting a new vendor.

We are terribly sorry for the delay this causes. We relied on the confidence of the vendor we contracted to get these parts done and delivered to us in a timely manner. That simply did not happen. Yet - WE WILL PERSEVERE!

We will be able to advise a new timeline as soon as we have a manufacturer selected. This we intend to have completed within the next six weeks. Regardless, we realize many of you would like more communication. Going forward you can expect an update the first week of every month, if not more often.

It has been and remains our commitment to complete the production of the connectors and to pair them with the furniture we’ve already made (for those who ordered it). Building this vision will no doubt continue to throw hurdles at us. But if this is what it takes to bring you beautiful, simple, modular furniture, we look forward to overcoming every hurdle.

We welcome comments. Also, if you happen to know a fantastic extruder somewhere in the world, please share it with us!

Thank you for continuing to share our vision!

Matt & Andrew

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