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Jul 27, 2015

Expanding the Picture

Hi Modos Backers,

In this update, as with prior ones, we will focus on the connector manufacturing. We feel that focusing only on this aspect is not providing a rich enough topic for engagement. With long lead times in extrusion production there is time to engage with you more on topics that you may be interested in. In future updates we will take you behind the scenes on some of the other areas of business development Modos is undergoing, including manufacturing, design, sales and distribution. If you have a particular area of interest you would like to hear more about, please let us know, and we will take that into consideration. For now, let’s all go to Morocco!


We have been vetting a manufacturer in Morocco. They have all the capabilities we need inhouse, and are currently verifying that they can meet our price points. To verify, they have agreed to test our finish requirements on parts shaped similar to the connectors. Our price points are based on both the quantities we are ordering now and a projection of quantities that we would sell in the future. Making these projections is an interesting exercise because it is a process of creating the future. It is important that we clearly and properly structure our product requirements and quantity assumptions so that we can hit our target pricing. There are market factors to consider as well, like the ever fluctuating price of aluminum, that we will have to manage in the contract going forward. This will have a major impact on price, since the price per pound has varied from $0.75 to $1.25 in the last five years, and each connector weighs ~¼ lbs.

5 Year Aluminum Prices

These are the types of things we are discussing with the each of the manufacturers as we verify their ability to produce our parts. We intend to know if Morocco is an option before the next update. Our next update will cover news with manufacturing and potentially other topics related to Modos business development. If you have any particular topics you want to hear about, let us know. In the meantime, if you have any particular insight toward ethical considerations of manufacturing or sustainability standards in Morocco, please point us towards good information. We are developing a set of social and environmental standards as a next step in vetting our manufactures, and we’d love your input. Again, thank you for staying with us on this journey.

Matt & Andrew

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