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Sep 22, 2015

Manufacturing Update

Dear Modos Supporter,

Here is where we are at with manufacturing:

Morocco has run finish samples and provided preliminary pricing. We are working on getting a final quote from them. The Taiwan manufacturer has provided similar pricing, and we are weighing the pros and cons. Once we receive the final quotes and contract terms from each manufacturer, we will draft a new projected timeline and will take every possible opportunity to expedite the delivery.

We know the project hit a major roadblock when our manufacturer bailed. At this point we have almost finished clearing the debris, and we will be moving along at speed again.

Thank you for your continued patience as we go through this process. We wouldn’t have been able to go on without your encouragement and support.


Matt and Andrew

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Modos: Make Furniture

A tool-free, reconfigurable furniture system.

Matt Tyson

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