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Oct 02, 2015

October Manufacturing Update

Hi Modos supporters,

We are still working diligently on finding a manufacturer. While we have spoken with dozens, we have not chosen “the one”.

To expand our options, we have been looking into die casting at the same time. We thought die casting could be a way to speed up manufacturing and provide a better product, but this is not the case.

Of the 11 die casters we asked for quotes, the majority of their engineers said two things:

  1. Extrusion is the BEST process for making our parts.

  2. The extrusion industry in the US has the worst customer service of any metal manufacturing process.

To counter the potential for bad customer service, we have focused on small, regional extruders in the US that have commitments to better customer service. As we go through the quoting and vetting process we hope they will be able to deliver competitive pricing and meet our quality standards.

Our expanded overseas search has landed some additional options that seem like a good fit. If we manufacture overseas we may need to increase our buying power so that we can hit the manufacturer’s required minimums.

At this point, we have about five companies that we are requesting or viewing samples of their finishing capabilities.

While we don’t have a manufacturer chosen, we feel confident that “the one” is within the current “dating pool”. We are gaining ground and still have our steadfast confidence that we will be able to deliver on our promise, to deliver to your Modos furniture.

Thank you so much for your continued patience and support.

Matt and Andrew

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