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Feb 05, 2016

Modos Manufacturing - Sample Review

Hi Modos Backers,

We have now received samples from the two Asian manufacturers along with a handful from the American extruder. You can see photos of the samples below. Two manufactures met our standards for finish, and we are waiting for one more sample from the third manufacturer before making a selection. The next step is to write up a contract and then start making dies to extrude through. We are very excited to be completing the vetting stage and entering into the manufacturing stage!!!

On the left side you can see a well executed laser etched Modos logo. These connectors and random aluminum samples all have been sanded, bead blasted and anodized.

Here you can see the connectors finished with two different anodizing methods. The manufacturer also was experimenting with methods to remove saw marks.

Provided us with two options to compare, a laser etched logo and an "M" stamped into the aluminum. The aluminum finish is the result of tumble deburring with small steel beads.

You have been wonderful supporters during this long journey, and we deeply appreciate all the patience you have shown us. Having a strong founding team of backers has made this possible, and once you have the product in your hand you should take credit for helping make Modos a reality. Hearing your enthusiasm for the product has continually re-inspired us, and we are very confident that we will be able to deliver on our promises. We realize that the timeline has been horrible, and we intend to reward you for your support and patience. More on that as we approach delivery.

Thank you,
Matt, Andrew and Jackson

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