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Hardware and Software Update

Hi everyone!

We’ll be launching the Redd campaign very soon, so stay tuned for a launch alert! In the meantime, we want to give you a quick update on the development status of Redd:


We have finally completed hardware development! We are proud to share our recent results with you:

Board of interfaces

The internal board is designed in-house and provides a variety of standard interfaces for connecting with your hardware. FPGA allows you to implement all kind of custom stuff.


External socket board

We have additionally developed an external socket board to make Redd more useful and avoid cable-clutter. This board is connected with internal board of interfaces via a socket on a front side (see photo above).

This board makes it easier to work with the 10 most common interfaces for embedded device programming:

  • USB 2.0 x2
  • Low Current Relay x6
  • switched SD card
  • switched SPI flash
  • I/O controlled FPGA with Voltage Regulator Selection x8 (universal I / O port)
  • Differential output - LVDS controlled FPGA x4 (clk + 3 data)
  • USB OTG x2 (2 different technologies)
  • SPI x2
  • I2C x2
  • UART x4

As a result, the hardware development and the software support (which provides interfaces, performance, and remote connection) are now all completed.

Here is the photo of one of our working prototypes. The debugging board is connected with Redd via few interfaces. The board is powered by Redd as well.


The embedded software part and all the required drivers are complete. Also, the basic server software is done: you cam book external hardware in a common calendar. The access is provided or denied automatically.

The web interface now allows you to turn the external device connected to Redd on and off.

We will keep working on server software - improving interface, implementing camera functionality, etc.


We are already preparing for the production of the first batch of devices. The main components are made in China, and assembly will take place in Shenzhen. A few of our team members will stay there while the manufacturer executes the devices. They will test all the components and devices to be sure that the quality meets our expectations.

This project is launching soon.

Coming Soon



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