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Two Plastic & One Silicone Executive RESTTs

Get a 3-pack for $60. Have One for home, one for work, and one that will make a great gift.


10 Plastic Executive RESTTs

Great for small business owners who want to outfit the whole office. Please indicate your 10 desired colors in the comments section of the order field. Keep your office organized.


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Plastic Executive RESTT

Get the plastic Executive RESTT in your choice of black, white, or pink.


Silocone Executive RESTT

Get the silicone Executive RESTT in your choice of 8 colors, such as: Citric Green, Ink Blue, Red and many more.


Two Plastic Executive RESTTs

For $36, get two plastic RESTTs. Leave one at home and one at the office. Available in black, white or pink.


Plastic & Silicon Executive RESTTs

For $45, get one silicone and one plastic Executive RESTTs. Leave one at home and one at the office. Both styles will fit any setting.


Two Silicone Executive RESTTs

For $50, get two silicone RESTTs. Leave one at home and one at the office, or give the gift of organization to a friend or family member.


The World's only Five-in-One tablet stand that will organize your workspace in style.

The World’s only Five-in-One tablet stand that will organize your workspace in style.

The Executive RESTT ™ was developed to add efficiency and functionality to your workspace. The rounded curve at the rear of the Apple wireless keyboard is a natural pivot point to lift the keyboard and access the organizer.

{mk1100-rendering} Rendering

Use with your desktop computer, or as stand for your iPhone or iPad. It may be used with all other computers and tablets or smart phones. It is designed specifically for your existing Apple wireless keyboard (not included). This compact model with the Apple keyboard incorporates the clean design demands of the Apple product line.

Our award winning design is specifically for the Apple wireless keyboard (not included) yet may also be used as a stand for your iPhone, iPad, tablet computers and smart phones. Features of the RESTT include:

  • Optimal viewing angle for iPad and tablet computers when placed on the RESTT.
  • Stand-up pen/stylus holder on either side for both right and left handed users.
  • Slots for business, debit, and credit cards.
  • An “Apple-centric” design compliments the look and feel that Mac users have come to expect.

The best way to reduce desktop clutter while maintaining access to workplace essentials.

{mk1100-2-renders} Rendering

Two versions of the RESTT will be produced; the classic hard plastic model and a soft silicone variant. You will have the opportunity to choose from several vibrant colors that will compliment your workspace, kitchen, living room, or home office.

The anti-slip silicone will be available in eight colors while the plastic RESTT will be available in white, black, or pink.

Easy I Fun I Simple

{mk1100-restt-label} {mk1100-silicone-colors-1}

Product Features

The RESTT is designed to support the Apple wireless keyboard, sold separately. The stand will accommodate most tablet computers, any iPad, iPhone and smart phones.

Tablet cannot exceed 13 inches, Apple wireless keyboard not included. This is not a charging station.

{mk1100-plastic-colors} The plastic RESTTs are available in white, black & pink.

{mk1100-silicone-and-plastic} Get the best of both worlds with a hard plastic and softer silicone RESTT.

Manufacturing Plan

The prototypes are complete, so our next step is to begin tooling. This is a six to eight week process. We have been in business for 10 years making standard Keyboard Organizers. The addition of the RESTT™ poses no technical obstacles.

We plan on making two types of molds: A plastic injection mold and a silicone compression mold for two types of Executive RESTTs. Dean DeVolpi, the inventor, has 25 years experience as an engineer manufacturing products. After approval of the initial tooling, production will start immediately. Shipping will begin 60-70 days after the requested funding level is met.

{mk1100-package-1} RESTT in package rendering

Risks & Challenges

At this point the only issue we see as a potential delay is a mistake in the tooling, which could double the shipping time. This is rare and we do not anticipate this occurring.

{mk1100-silicon-renderings} Silicon RESTT rendering

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For ten years now, myKeyO has been making organizer only keyboards. The new addition to the family is the RESTT™ series.

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Dean DeVolpi

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