An extensible CAN bus hacking tool.

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Visualize CAN bus data, logging, replay, Man in the middle attacks, J2534 re-flash support, works with different OEM J2534 tools, diagnostics OBD II PID support. On board SDCARD, USB host and device.

Derived from our hardware and software tool sets which were developed over the last 10 years to re-flash and tune different ECUs in real time, as well as do logging and as a bonus a graphical replay for track days.

Features and Specs

  • 2.4” TFT display, DMA driven SPI for 30+ FPS
  • STM32F7 Series MCU
  • Micro SDCARD slot with SDIO interface for logging, and custom ROMs
  • Dual 1Mbps CAN bus, TI sn65vhd230 transceivers, 120 ohm teminators on jumpers
  • USB host for CDC/HID/Storage class
  • Audio or analogue output via 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Power from 12VDC or USB
  • PC software to interact with and visualize CAN data, log and replay
  • Compatible with various J2534 0404 software, such as TIS
  • J2534 202/404 (mostly) compatible DLL with source code
  • CAN MITM attacks, logging, replay, J2534 reflash, KWP2000, OBD II diagnostics etc

Screenshot of PC application showing live gauges from CAN bus connected to car.

Screenshot of application showing data logging a drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

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