Foldable Boots

by Pakems

Lightweight, foldable outdoor boots to change into after a long day of skiing or hiking.

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Pakems High-Top Black

The Pakems Foldable Boots retail for $70. The sale price of $30 is valid for a limited time, through December 6, 2016.


Step into comfort after a day of adventure with this lightweight, foldable boot

At one point or another, anyone who has buckled a pair of ski boots has complained about their comfort. We put on our boots and stiffly lumber from the car to the lift, while trying to not fall. The Pakems boot is designed to make your experience on the mountain more comfortable.

The lightweight, packable boots weigh less than 2 lbs in their portable bag making them close to the same weight as those Cliff Bars you have stuffed in your jacket pocket. Pakems easily fit into a backpack.The bag comes with a waist belt that can be used for many purposes from fastening the boots around your waist to strapping together your ski boots for easy transport.

The Pakems are great for any outdoor activity from getting to and from the mountain, an after lunch break, or strolling around the village. Their light weight and sturdy sole are a perfect solution for your next backpacking trip, offering a great camp shoe after a long day of hiking. Pakems has designed a versatile shoe that is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast.

Product Features


  • Water resistant
  • EVA midsole
  • Rubber sole
  • Insulated
  • DWR treated
  • Rip stop material
  • Carabiner loop
  • Adjustable laces with one hand toggle


  • Compression straps
  • Removable waist belt

History of Pakems

Pakems creator Julie Adams left her 18-year corporate job to create the perfect apres gear. The Pakems idea came to Julie as she was sitting atop a mountain during a ski break lunch. She wished aloud how she wanted a pair of comfortable boots to wear while on the mountain. Since that day Julie has been busy developing and manufacturing the Pakems Boot.



Pakems is a Colorado-based company focusing on an outdoor enthusiast’s time leading up to and after their passion.

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