by Pinoccio

A wireless Arduino-compatible microcontroller with Wi-Fi, mesh networking, and rechargeable battery.

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Starter Kit

A Field Scout and a Lead Scout: Your first troop, ready to go exploring! Just follow our super-quick setup process to give these Scouts names and a WiFi connection, and you have your own Internet of Things in five minutes. Comes with one USB cable. Originally $197.


Field Scout

The Arduino-compatible atomic unit of Pinoccio: Every Field Scout can talk to any other Field Scout via radio (up to about 10m away). The built-in temperature sensor and RGB LED are perfect for starter projects. Originally $59.


Lead Scout

Check in with your Scouts remotely: Just one Lead Scout (a Field Scout with a WiFi backpack) provides your whole troop with Internet connectivity. Interact with them from our online HQ, or build your own utility! Originally $138.


WiFi Backpack

Turn any Field Scout into a Lead Scout: This little backpack enables you to unite any number of individual boards into a troop (mesh network). Originally $79.


Prototype Backpack

Get building with external sensors and displays! Plug them in or solder them on to create swappable hardware interfaces. Comes with two long headers.


Backpack Headers

Time to get messy! Create jumper-friendly extensions, and experiment without messing up your Scouts. Comes with 2 headers as a set.


LiPo Battery (550 mAh)

Keep one topped up at home while the others are out on adventures. A truly wireless system doesn't want to stay plugged in, and an extra battery gives you maximum uptime. This battery has a 1C rating, if you care about that type of thing.


USB Cable

This here is a 6 inch (15 cm) micro-USB cable. Use this sucker to charge up your Scouts.



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