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ASE is capable of providing services at all stages of the semiconductor manufacturing process, with the exception of wafer fabrication. Our service capabilities range from front-end engineering testing, wafer probing, packaging and final test. We also provide design manufacturing service from board design to systems assembly through USI, Inc., an ASE group member.

Front-end engineering test is the testing of semiconductor prototypes before they go into volume production. Our services include software development, electrical verification, reliability analysis and failure analysis.

Wafer probing is a process whereby each individual die (chip) on the wafer is tested for defects to identify operable semiconductors for packaging. Packaging, also known as assembly, is the processing of bare semiconductors into finished semiconductors, serving to protect the die and facilitate electrical connections and heat dissipation. We offer a broad range of semiconductor packages meeting the diverse function and cost requirements of our customers.

Final testing of semiconductors ensures that they function properly before being shipped to customers or assembled in electronic products.

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