MacroFab provides agile, just-in-time production of electronics for hardware startups. Whether your market is ten units a month or tens of thousands of units per year, MacroFab gives you complete control over the manufacturing process while taking advantage of scale to keep prices low. Its unique service offerings will allow you to test new products and markets without the capital risk of having to do large manufacturing runs. With minimal friction and rapid turnaround, you’ll be able to produce just what you sell, as you sell it.

Crowd Supply creators are eligible for a special discount with MacroFab. If you’ve successfully funded your project through Crowd Supply, your first order with MacroFab will receive a 10% discount. The discount currently only applies to orders that MacroFab procures parts for. Just ask your project manager for more details. Not a Crowd Supply creator yet? Learn more about launching your next project with us at:

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Giant Board
Contract manufacturer
Contract manufacturer
Contract manufacturer
E-paper Shield Kit
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Contract manufacturer
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