Graphic Design

Portland, OR  ·


What is ADX? It’s what shop class should have been. Want to make something? We’re your gym for a better kind of workout. Everyone is welcome―in our 12,000-square foot facility, high-profile designers work alongside students, retirees share their knowledge with novice builders, and entrepreneurs m...

Boulder, CO  ·


Grayscale makes modules and front panels for the Eurorack synthesizer format. We also provide design services for other musical instrument manufacturers and assist with front panel fabrication and sourcing.

Portland, OR  · 

John-Fletcher Halyburton

Salem, OR  ·


Combining cutting edge technology, custom product design, and brilliant feats of engineering, we bring your ideas to life. Rigado is a leader in providing Bluetooth Low Energy modules and solutions. Our modules include security, firmware and library features that prove our commitment to helping y...

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