FabLab Tacoma

Our Design and Fabrication Services range from commissioned products to prototype concepts. Our talented engineers and designers can take your idea from concept to completion skillfully and efficiently.

  • Design Capabilities
    • Mechanical Design
    • Electronics Design
    • CAD Drafting & Design
    • Graphics Design
    • Logo and Signage
    • Customized Artwork, Gifts and Awards
    • Industrial Product Design
    • Marketing Tools
    • Props & Costumes
  • Fabrication Capabilities
    • 3D Printing Services
    • Laser Engraving / Cutting Services
    • CNC Plasma
    • CNC Router
    • Vacuum Forming Molds
    • Small Scale Vinyl Cutting
    • Small Scale Digital Embroidery
  • Materials
    • Plastics (Acrylic, PLA, ABS)
    • Metals
    • Wood
    • Leather
    • Carbon Fiber

Projects Contributed To

Neosegment Digit
Prototyping Facilities
Recommended provider!

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1938 Market St
Tacoma, WA 98402

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