My name is Rob LeRoy. I am a writer, video producer and social media junkie in Portland, OR. Creativity flows through my veins and seeps from my pores like a cliched and poorly conceived metaphor. I love to write and take pictures and think of new ways to tell stories about life and companies and cool stuff. There is no product too boring, no concept too complicated and no timeframe too tight. I work fast and spew genius in all directions like barf from that one scene in The Exorcist. Talented? Yes. Arrogant? Very possibly. Hilarious, handsome and a genuine joy to have around the office? Obviously. Do I like to ask and answer my own questions? What do you think? Hire me. You’ll be glad you did. We’ll probably become best friends. I smell better than you’d expect.

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Rob Leroy
Portland, OR

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