Media Asset Production

Bhubaneswar, India  ·

Amit Sahoo

For the last 6 years, I have helped 300+ tech startups ranging from AI to crypto-currency, cloud technology to modern development framework and many more to explain their services and product to every decision-maker in the best way possible.

San Francisco, CA  · Productions is a creative video production consultancy based in San Francisco. We focus on product launch campaigns, promotional and marketing videos, as well as live stream video productions. We’re always looking for great projects to collaborate with. Give us a shout and let’s make beautiful movi...

Beaverton, OR  · 

Jeremy Cropf

Full-service video production, including lighting, sound, cameras, equipment, directing, and editing.

Portland, OR  · 

John-Fletcher Halyburton

Portland, OR  · 

Kris Regentin

Portland, OR  ·


My name is Rob LeRoy. I am a writer, video producer and social media junkie in Portland, OR. Creativity flows through my veins and seeps from my pores like a cliched and poorly conceived metaphor. I love to write and take pictures and think of new ways to tell stories about life and companies an...

San Francisco / Los Angeles, CA  ·


Monstro is an award winning boutique agency specializing in product video marketing campaigns. We can handle any kind of creative approach whether it’s animation, live action, stop motion – anything at all. As a team of early adopters that invest in new and burgeoning products, we’re more than ha...

Portland, OR  ·

Robbie Bourland

When working with clients, I believe it is my job to grasp their vision and guide them through the creative process from start to finish in order to find the most efficent and compelling way to communicate to their intended audience. The skills that I bring to this process include screenwriting, ...

Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  ·

Rogue Robot

Rogue Robot Visual Industries is a film and motion graphics company. We work for clients big and small - from major multinationals to small arts groups. We’re not saying their success is entirely down to us, but what they all have in common is that they trust Rogue Robot to deliver their message,...

Los Angeles, CA  ·

Ruth Pierich

Gun for hire for custom soundtracks!

Portland, OR  ·

Sisbro Studios

Founded in 2001 by sister/brother creative duo Laura and Robert Sams, Sisbro Studios is a media production company that uses incredible storytelling to help people discover their world and laugh along the way. Sisbro specializes in children’s entertainment, science programming, educational/...

Portland, OR  ·

STRIPE Marketing

It starts with a plan. Understanding the value that your business, services and products provide are key to an effective and efficient marketing execution. The goal here is to prevent spending valuable time and resources in heading down the wrong path. Once we set the right course, we’ll next ...

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