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Since 1963, Custom Stamping and Manufacturing has been serving the needs of a wide spectrum of manufacturers throughout North America.

Owned and operated by the Stoudt family for 50 years, we fully understand the importance of meeting customer needs in today’s business climate. With our manufacturing knowledge we can provide products to customers with the quality, price and delivery that is required to stay competitive.

We have the experience and expertise to develop the most economical process for producing your parts. Whether it is short run production made with existing universal tooling, prototypes made on our CNC press or high volume parts produced with progressive tooling, we can develop a process that will help you make the best business decisions for your product and long-term goals. In A Hurry?
If You Need Small Quantities With Fast Turnaround, Or Long Term, High Volume Production, Custom Stamping Is Your Best Choice. In addition we offer an array of outside services in order to provide a completed product to your dock. These services include plating (zinc and chrome), painting, heat treat and laser cutting.

If you have existing stamping tooling you want to move or if you have a new part that requires new tooling, we have the capability and capacity to produce your parts and reduce your hassles.

All new progressive tooling is produced with state of the art in die sensors connected to the latest stamping controls, which protect your investment and contribute to a robust process. We employ this same technology to retrofit your tooling and offer the same protection.

If you are trying to set up Kan-Ban or JIT systems we have the experience and systems already in place to help you succeed.

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