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SMOKEY'S New Sashimi Quality Smoked Albacore Tuna

All-Natural, Sashimi-Grade Pacific Northwest Albacore Tuna.

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Dec 10 2013
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Smokey’s All-Natural, Sashimi-Grade Pacific Northwest Albacore Tuna.

Today we are happy to introduce the American people to the most flavor-able tuna that can be obtained in the United States, or anywhere else on this planet except perhaps, for Japan. This isn’t your everyday tuna, this is sashimi grade tuna that is nothing like you’ve ever tasted before.

Introducing Smokey’s Gourmet Seafoods

Smokey’s fish are all line caught, which is a more sustainable way of fishing than the large nets some commercial vessels use. Our tuna is then killed and stored using sashimi grade practices, which if done correctly, preserve the fish’s natural flavors and ensure a better tasting tuna.

Your tuna is hand selected by me, Smokey, a 40+ year veteran in the tuna industry. I have fished for tuna all over the world, and even sold tuna on Japan’s world famous Tsukiji fish market.

Once we have our sashimi grade tuna the fun begins. We smoke the tuna using my proprietary recipe I have formulated over the past 35 years, and then can the tuna in all natural spring water. No preservatives will be used in our products.

What you get in the end is a line caught, sashimi grade and all natural great tasting tuna product that is smoked yet succulent, and perfect for any occasion.

Your average store-bought tuna is caught in a net (which kill many other species such as dolphins and turtles as well), held in a live tank for days, then processed, cooked several times, and stuck into a can with preservatives. We don’t think this is a good experience, and believe you deserve better. Tuna is supposed to be a delicacy, and we would like to treat it that way.

Its my goal to give you a complete ocean-to-plate experience with your food. You will know where it comes from, how it was caught, and what went into each can of Smokey’s Gourmet Seafood products.

Please take a look at the great pledge levels we have for you below, as well as our stretch goals and further details about Smokey’s and our products. Enjoy!

What the People are Saying

I’ve been eating these amazing products since I was 15. Never has there been any fish of any species that has not only impressed me, but left my wanting more. I will never again have the privilege of knowing someone that has caught and prepared fish like Smokey. His processes and quality standards have always been far more than any business I’ve seen. This man has the experience, education and passion to truly create products like no one else! Trust me, once you’ve had the luxury to taste his amazing talents, nothing else will ever come close!

As a certified nutritionist, I know that food directly affects our health – positively or negatively. The fact poor health is now affecting our children, specifically in the form of obesity, is unacceptable. In the U.S., more than 1/3rd of children under the age of 13 are clinically obese. The alarming news is that this problem – epidemic, actually – is getting worse not better. Recently, medical scientists had to add the term “severely obese” to diagnose the ever-growing waistlines of our children, alone. Why is this happening? Aside from social or physiological reasons, it is poor choices in food, and simply not eating “whole food” any longer. We are a nation of processed, packaged food that is void of nutrients and energy for life. We are literally giving our children processed, fast food, as soon as they are weaned. I have clients who tell me their children do not like vegetables and “health foods.” The overwhelming conclusion, I discover, is that parents never gave them any to start with, nor are they eating healthy food themselves. Children copy what they see. Unfortunately, no matter what healthy lifestyle that child may adopt as he or she grows, they will always be fighting the fat cells that they developed prematurely, and most of all, the consequences of limited nutrition as a child. They need healthy food to be given and available to them.

The good news is, we have total control over this obesity and poor health epidemic. We can make healthier food choices, no matter what our age. Providing healthy food for our children is paramount, though, so they will continue to make better choices and enjoy good health in their future. We all know that fish is one of those foods that contain nutrients and minerals needed by us all; but maybe some have had poor quality in the past and therefore think all fish tastes the same. Smokey’s Sashimi Grade, Regular or Smoked Albacore Tuna and Salmon have all the health benefits I want for my clients, and with natural smoky flavor that “non-fish eaters,” and even my youngest clients love.

The difference in Smokey’s fish is the entire process. It is wild caught with a single hook on a troll line (never farm raised), and processed utilizing the strict traditional Japanese sashimi method(s) for optimum freshness and quality. It is then naturally cured and smoked using no nitrates or nitrites. It is processed and canned entirely by hand, in pure spring water or pure coconut water, preserving all of its natural flavor and nutritional value.

The health benefits of fresh Tuna and Salmon are tremendous. Everyone knows they contain heart healthy Omegas, but most do not know that these Omegas are proving to support brain health and cognitive function, not to mention energy. This is a great snack for our school age children and adults alike. Fresh Tuna and Salmon are also high in selenium, which is not only an antioxidant and immune booster, but also an inflammatory. Which in turn causes a host of maladies such as arthritis, joint, muscle pain, and weight gain to name a few. Tuna and Salmon are also high in B vitamins and calcium, and packed in coconut water; provide electrolytes for energy and loads of additional potassium.

I recommend Smokey’s Gourmet Smoked Albacore and Salmon to all my nutritional clients and believe they should be available in every healthy vending machine, and store. We need to start making changes in our lives and the lives of our children, even if it is one snack, lunch able, or a single meal at a time.

Where we get our Tuna

The Albacore Fishermen of the Oregon coast have recently adopted and are currently processing their Albacore Tuna, utilizing traditional Japanese Sashimi techniques and methodology.

The above customary action, when practiced properly, will ensure the inherent high quality traits and attributes of the fish, along with the natural and providential flavors of the fresh Albacore Tuna.

We have partnered with Oregon fisherman to get high quality sashimi grade albacore tuna right here in the United States. This is a unique and first time experience, being able to buy sashimi grade smoked and cured tuna right here in the USA, from the Oregon coast.

It is our mission to not only provide the public with great tasting smoked tuna and other fish products, but to support and bolster the local economies of the Oregon coast. We look forward to teaming with the city of Florence, Oregon and being able to create jobs and local, sustainable seafood in the town of Florence.

We are proud to partner with the coastal fisherman of Oregon and to provide a product to you that is as transparent as this. You will know where your fish was caught, by what method, and know that no artificial flavors or preservatives were added in the process.

Stretch Goals

If we reach $4,500 in pledges this will provide us the means to accomplish setting up relationships and securing fish on the Oregon coast. Stay tuned for future campaigns as we strive towards opening up the US first Sashimi grade smoked Albacore tuna processing facility. It is our mission to establish the Oregon coast as: The Northwest Pacific Albacore Tuna capital of America and home of the most delicious Albacore Tuna in the United States.

Hand caught and processed right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Typical Oregon coastal fishing port.


So, what does Sashimi Grade Mean?

Most people know the word sashimi from sushi restaurants and equate it to "raw fish," so here is a little background on sashimi.

Sashimi is actually two separate words:

The word sashimi originated during the Muromachi period around the year 1300, and was almost exclusively used by the Samurai warriors of that era.

These early methods to find better ways to preserve their fish (primarily tunas) began evolving into a ritual and became known as "sashimi grade." The most acceptable method to obtain the highly touted rating of "sashimi grade."

The Sashimi Process

In order to obtain "sashimi grade" the tuna must be processed in the following way:

The tuna must be bled immediately upon capture. If a complete bleed-out is not performed, the blood (which contains harmful acids and enzymes) will flow through the flesh, contaminating the meat and inducing adverse tastes affecting hte natural flavors of the tuna. In addition, tuna are warm blooded fish, i.e. their internal temperature remains constant (about 28 degrees C) for their entire life. This temperature can rise for short periods of time to 35 degrees C or even 40 degrees C under certain conditions (stress and struggle during capture, etc). In ordr to keep the fish in pristine condition, the internal temperature must be lowered as quickly as possible to 0 degrees C and then maintained during all the following stages (storage on board, unloading, packing, transport, etc).

Store-bought Tuna

Sadly, the tuna most people buy in stores is of less than average quality. This is due to the processing practices of large commercial vessels.

Historically, tuna destined for the cannery are usually caught with purse seine nets and are mostly dead after being netted. they are delivered days, weeks, or months later directly to a cannery where they are finally unloaded and processed. These fish are mostly Yellowfin, and Skipjack Tuna. They are never held live in the hold or in tanks.

As you can see this differs from traditional sashimi methods because the fish are not bled, gutted or processed when they are caught. It is only once the fish have reached the cannery that the cleaning (heading, eviceration and skinning) of the fish is accomplished, prior to being canned.

Because of the above process most store-bought tuna is dry, lacking true taste and contains preservatives.

The purpose of this campaign is to educate the people about better tuna and provide the means for everyone out there to finally discover the little known secret about the real delicious and authentic flavor of tuna as it should be prepared.

These flavors are virtually unknown to most Americans. We will introduce to all who dare, but must warn you, you will never return to store-bought tuna again!

You won’t find the above in any grocery stores or even specialty food marts; ours will virtually be the first in the US and if it doesn’t have "Smokey’s" on the label, it will not be real sashimi grade.

Sustainable & Responsible

Smokey’s only uses sustainable, line-caught practices in securing our fish. It is our goal to build a company that does not damage the delicate eco-system of the ocean and uses responsible practices to do so. Net fishing is dangerous to sustainable fishing practices and local oceanic life such as dolphins and turtles.

All of the tuna Smokey’s uses is hand selected by Smokey himself, a veteran tuna fisherman, to ensure the highest quality.

All of the fish we use is responsibly line caught.

Smokey’s Products are All-Natural

Smokey’s real smoked seafood products contain no preservatives, nor artificial coloring. All of our fish are wild caught in the open ocean, and we never use a farmed of cultured seafood product for smoking or canning. In addition, it would be intolerable for us to even consider utilizing any fish caught with purse seine nets, that are dangerous to not only the quality of the fish itself, but many other species that become trapped in the nets. All of our canned fish are preserved in 100% spring water, to keep the fish tender and juicy without using any additives that will effect the fish’s flavor.

Smoking & Curing

All of our sashimi grade tuna will be hand-selected by me. Throughout my 40+ years of tuna fishing experience I have acquired a keen eye for the highest quality tuna fish. But high quality fish is only half of the battle. Using our curing recipe and smoking technology that has evolved over the past 35 years, Smokey’s products have a one-of-a-kind flavor profile because of our proprietary blend of ingredients and smoking methods using real Alder and Hickory Wood. We have been successful in achieving a very unique, and smooth smoke flavor in our gourmet tuna and salmon products that has no equal.

My Tuna History

My name is Gunther, but most people call me Smokey. I caught my first Albacore Tuna out of San Diego, CA in July of 1948. At a very young age I went out on a 32 foot Monterey Double-Ender and caught my first Tuna. I was hooked from then on, and have been in the business, in one way or another ever since.

As I will be personally hand-selecting the tuna from my trip to the Oregon coast I can assure you it will be the highest quality tuna around.

Expertly smoked Sashimi quality Bluefin Tuna ready to be trimmed and shaped for canning.

Smokey’s Products

Smoked sashimi grade Albacore Tuna - in pure spring water.

Alaskan Alderwood Smoked Sock Eye Salmon and Alderwood Smoked Keta Salmon

This is our sashimi grade, hickory smoked, Yellowfin Tuna for the real discerning gourmet.

*Hickory smoked Premium "Bottom Loin Meat" of Pacific Bluefin tuna. This is the caviar of all tuna fish.

The SeaSnakPak. This "Heart Healthy" pack contains one 3oz can of Smokey’s tuna, some crackers and condiments for a great snack.

We hope to have the SeaSnakPak in vending machines in the future.

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Double Surprise

You will one 3oz. can of regular AND hickory smoked Sashimi Grade - Solid Hand-Packed - White Meat Albacore Tuna.

$15 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

Albacore - Big Can

You will receive two - 7oz. cans of Sashimi grade Albacore Tuna, one regular and one smoked. Each can will show name of Captain and Vessel attesting that they caught and processed the fish to Sashimi Quality. This Perk, as well as all the others, includes a personalized brochure thanking you for your support, and describes the traditional Japanese methods to obtain sashimi grade quality.

$25 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

Albacore - Big Can + Extras

You will receive one 7oz. can Smoked sashimi grade Albacore Tuna, one 7oz. can Smoked Sock Eye Salmon, and four 3oz. personalized cans (your name inscribed on each can) of Smoked Albacore Tuna.

$50 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

Triple Big Can Pack + Extras

You will receive three 7oz. cans: 1 Regular sashimi grade Albacore Tuna, one sashimi grade smoked Albacore Tuna, and one smoked Sock Eye Salmon. In addition you will receive six 3oz. can:. two smoked and two regular sashimi grade tuna, and two smoked Keta Salmon. (your name on each can).

$100 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

The Bronze Pack

You will receive four - 7oz. cans: one regular and one smoked sashimi grade albacore tuna, one smoked Sock Eye, one Keta Salmon and two SeaSnakPaks.

$250 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

The Silver Pack

You will receive 9 SeaSnakPaks in a mix of Smoked Albacore and Salmon. You will also receive 9 seven ounce cans of smoked and regular Sashimi Grade Albacore tuna and 6 three ounce cans (3 smoked Albacore and 3 Smoked Sockeye salmon). In addition, you will receive 6 SeaSnakPaks & 6, 7 oz. cans of Smoked & Regular Sashimi Grade Albacore Tuna at Christmas time beginning on the 2014 Christmas Holiday period and continuing until Christmas 2018.

$500 Free US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

The Gold Pack

You will receive 8 - 7 oz cans including: 2 Smoked and 2 Regular Sashimi Grade Albacore Tuna, 2 Smoked Sock Eye Salmon, 1 Chinook, and 1 Keta Salmon. You will also receive one case (18 to the case) of mixed SeaSnakPaks. In addition, you will receive a 10% purchasing discount on our current wholesale price for our Albacore Tuna (Regular Pack or Smoked) for a 3 year period. Product may be purchased anytime during the aforementioned 3 year period that begins after August 15th, 2014. This pledge also provides the contributor(s) one case (18 - 7 oz. cans) of our NEW Premium Hickory Smoked Dungeness Crab Meat. You will receive the case of Crab no later than June 15th, 2014.

$1,000 Free US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

The Godfather Pack

You will receive one case (18 SeaSnakPaks to the case), six 7 oz. cans Sashimi Grade Albacore Tuna: 3 Regular Pack and 3 Smoked. Six 7 oz cans Smoked Salmon: 3 Sock Eye, and 3 Chinook (King) or Keta Salmon. Six 7 oz cans of our NEW Hickory Smoked Premium Dungeness Crab Meat. (Cans of Crab will be delivered no later than 15 June, 2014). Six 3 oz cans (personalized with your name on each can), 2 Smoked Albacore, 2 Regular Pack Albacore, 2 Sock Eye Salmon. Four - 7 oz cans of Gourmet Smoked Premium Bottom Loin Meat. One sashimi Grade Blue Fin Tuna, one Sashimi Grade Yellow Fin Tuna, and two of Sashimi Grade Smoked Albacore Tuna. Finally, you may continue to "wet your beak" for a long time as this pledge award also provides one case (18 - 7 oz. cans) of mixed (Smoked & Regular) Sashimi Grade Albacore Tuna every Christmas Holiday for a period of ten (10) years beginning with the 2014 Christmas Holiday. In addition, the contributor of this pledge may take advantage of a 10% purchase discount on the current wholesale price on all our products except our NEW Premium Smoked Dungeness Crab Meat. The aforementioned discount rate is valid throughout the 10 year period.

$5,000 Free US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

About the Team

Smokey's Gourmet Seafoods

Corona, CA

Smokey's offers sashimi grade Albacore tuna processed under strict Japanese sashimi procedures, allowing us to provide the most favorable smoked tuna around.

Gunther Mothes

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